Reddit Buys MeaningCloud, A Firm That Does Natural Language Processing

    A Firm That Does Natural Language Processing

    A natural language processing business called MeaningCloud was acquired by Reddit on Friday for an unknown sum. Reddit’s product, safety, and advertisements teams will receive help from the MeaningCloud team, which has joined the site. Reddit’s first office in Spain has now been acquired.

    MeaningCloud was established in 2015 and focuses on deriving meaning from unstructured material, including online content and social media chats. Reddit claims that its technology will improve its machine learning capabilities and comprehension of unstructured data so that it can give Reddit users pertinent information.

    According to Jack Hanlon, vice president of data at Reddit, “MeaningCloud helps enhance Reddit’s platform by enabling our community receive the pertinent information they are seeking for even faster.” “With the inclusion of MeaningClound’s technology, we can continue to fulfil our goal of giving our consumers easier access to richer, more relevant material. We are pleased to have the skilled MeaningCloud team join Reddit.

    The business claims that the news made today is in line with its most recent purchase of Spell, a platform for conducting machine learning experiments. Former Facebook developer Serkan Piantino started Spell in 2016 to offer a cloud computing solution that would enable anybody to execute resource-intensive machine learning (ML) experiments without the need for expensive high-end hardware.

    For the Discover Tab, which the app launched this year, and tailored suggestions, Reddit now employs machine learning. The business uses technology for both its targeted advertising and focus on safety.

    Reddit appears to be concentrating on investing in AI as seen by today’s statement and the business’s recent acquisition of Spell. The corporation has stated that one of its goals is to guarantee that any AI it develops is transparent and does not reinforce prejudice.