Sam Altman wasn’t the biggest victim in the OpenAI scandal. Satya Nadella was the one.


    At OpenAI’s DevDay event, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman engaged in a discussion about their collaboration.

    Reports suggest that OpenAI is facing pressure from Microsoft to bring back Sam Altman.

    If Altman doesn’t return, Microsoft could face significant losses compared to the other parties involved.

    According to Dan Ives of Webush, Microsoft could potentially be in a more advantageous position if he returns.
    If Microsoft is unable to convince Sam Altman to rejoin OpenAI, there could be trouble on the horizon.

    Following Altman’s unexpected departure from the company he helped establish, memes circulating on X indicated that venture capitalists were already in talks to finance his upcoming venture.

    Renowned VC Vinod Khosla made a statement regarding X. The representative stated that Khosla Ventures is eager to have @sama return to @OpenAI and will support him in his future endeavors.

    Altman’s potential future venture involves the establishment of a generative AI startup that could potentially compete with OpenAI in terms of business success. In this scenario, Altman would not hesitate to recruit top talent from OpenAI. Following Altman’s termination, three prominent researchers and his cofounder, Greg Brockman, promptly stepped down.
    According to a report by The Verge, a growing number of employees are reportedly considering resigning if Altman is not given the opportunity to come back. Altman publicly expressed his gratitude to the team on X, stating, “I have a deep appreciation for the openai team.”

    Does his affection for them run so deep that he would enlist them in a business venture that could attract significant venture capital? Many companies begin their journey by hiring employees from the previous business, and I believe that saying yes to this practice is a wise decision.

    It appears that if Altman decides not to return, he won’t be the one suffering the most. No OpenAI employees are involved.
    Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, is making headlines.

    The Chiefs view OpenAI as a valuable asset, much like Mahomes. It is clear that Nadella is well aware of this, and the departure of Sam is simply not acceptable. According to investor and Webush analyst Dan Ives, the OpenAI board is facing the consequences of a failed coup and appears to be struggling to handle the situation. Ives shared his perspective with Business Insider.
    Microsoft has made a significant investment of over $10 billion in a for-profit division managed by the nonprofit OpenAI. According to some reports, Microsoft’s ownership stake in this division could be as high as 49%. (The specific amount of that stake has not been disclosed by Microsoft.)

    Altman and Brockman served on a six-person governing board responsible for overseeing the non-profit organization OpenAI, without holding any equity. Altman’s termination and the subsequent appointment of CTO Mira Murati as acting CEO were easily approved by a majority vote.

    OpenAI reportedly terminated Altman’s position at Microsoft with minimal notice, as revealed by sources who spoke with Business Insider. The business has publicly expressed its support for the board’s decision. “We have established a long-term agreement with OpenAI, granting us complete access to the necessary resources to fulfill our innovation goals and an exciting product roadmap. We are dedicated to maintaining our partnership and supporting Mira and the entire team,” stated Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft.

    On Friday, Nadella’s collaboration with Microsoft and OpenAI marked a major triumph for the company, granting it extensive access to the fundamental AI technology while preventing competitors from doing the same.
    Altman’s potential decision to establish a fresh AI startup, rather than returning to his previous endeavors, could involve the selection of individuals well-versed in OpenAI technology to assume leadership positions. Furthermore, it is likely that he will seek out a new cloud partner or investor. Significant computational power is necessary for generative AI to operate effectively, especially when dealing with a large number of clients. There is a strong possibility that Altman could receive an irresistible offer from either Google or Amazon.
    Nadella could benefit from exerting pressure on OpenAI to encourage Altman’s return.

    In a research note, Ives expressed concern about the possibility of the Altman sweepstakes ending up in the hands of Google or Amazon, which would be a nightmare for Microsoft.

    Nevertheless, Microsoft would face significant losses beyond just the financial investment and potential profits.
    Microsoft has achieved remarkable success in the market by incorporating cutting-edge OpenAI technology into its flagship products.
    In a recent statement to Business Insider, the company revealed that they have made a significant stride in their partnership with OpenAI. They have proudly announced the successful integration of over 100 OpenAI technologies into Microsoft’s AI tools, AI models, and cloud capabilities. The company made their GPT-based conversation helper, Copilot, available to a wide audience.
    According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft has reportedly scaled back or discontinued several internal AI projects in favor of prioritizing OpenAI technology, as reported by Business Insider.

    In a previous report, BI stated that it has ended multiple “industrial metaverse” projects and implemented workforce reductions. ChatGPT’s in-house “industrial metaverse” has been a significant AI strategy, even before its recent rapid expansion.
    Microsoft’s potential reliance on OpenAI’s stability has been called into question, as it appears they may no longer have a readily available backup plan.

    Speculation suggests that Altman’s return to OpenAI hinges on a potential restructuring of the management and the departure of the four board members responsible for his dismissal.

    If such a scenario unfolds, Microsoft could potentially have a stronger foothold in shaping the future of this critical industry. This could potentially lead to Microsoft securing a position on the board of directors, which would greatly impact the direction of the business.
    “According to industry insiders, there is a growing belief among influential figures in Silicon Valley and Wall Street that the current four-person board’s tenure is coming to an end. Analysts predict that Altman will soon return to OpenAI and potentially assume an even more influential role, giving him greater control over the company’s strategic direction,” commented Ives.