Samsung’s Tizen Software Is Coming To Other Smart TVs

    Samsung’s Tizen Software Is Coming To Other Smart TVs

    Tizen is Samsung’s own software experience, which is utilised by the company’s smart TVs. Even if it’s not a Samsung TV, the next television you purchase could provide the same user-friendly software experience as Samsung’s.

    This is the first time that Samsung’s TV experience will be available on TVs sold by other firms. Samsung made the announcement today that it has achieved an agreement with numerous other TV makers to licence the Tizen TV software. The licencing agreement covers not just the Tizen platform but also all of the apps that are currently accessible, in addition to Samsung TV Plus, Universal Guide, and the Bixby voice assistant.

    Tizen will evolve into a more global smart TV platform as a result of the partnership, joining the ranks of Google TV/Android TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire OS. The announcement comes less than a month after TiVo announced it will begin licencing its own TV operating system, and less than a week after LG took the same move with the webOS software that is used on its smart TVs. Both companies have taken similar moves recently.

    Therefore, why does any of this really matter? Now that firms might theoretically sell TVs with the same hardware but numerous distinct software experiences, you might have more options to choose from when it comes to the software that comes pre-installed on your next smart TV. TCL has been doing that for quite some time; during the years, the business has mostly focused on selling Roku-based TVs, but it has lately expanded its product line to include Google TV devices as well.

    Atmaca, HKC, and Tempo are Samsung’s initial manufacturing partners. The Tizen operating system will soon be available on televisions manufactured by Bauhn, Linsar, RCA, Sunny, and Vispera, among other manufacturers. We are going to have to hold out and see whether any larger companies, such as LG or TCL, are interested in purchasing Samsung’s software.