Short-Lived Click To Reveal PIN Feature Is Removed From Google Authenticator

    Short-Lived Click To Reveal PIN Feature Is Removed From Google Authenticator

    Even if there are already a number of other options available on the market, the Google Authenticator app continues to be an important safety tool for a great number of users. The very tiny “Click to show PIN” function was released by Google in May of this year. This feature obscures the visibility of all two-factor authentication codes and enables users to expose just the codes that they choose to employ. Considering that 2FA codes are supposed to be different every 30 seconds anyway, this seemed like a rather harmless addition to making. However, it would appear that Google does not share this view, as the aforementioned functionality was removed from the Authenticator app when it received an upgrade the previous week.

    This elimination is a part of the Google Authenticator version 5.20R4 update, which can be downloaded from APK Mirror. The update does not include any additional significant enhancements of any kind. The “storing of secret values” is protected by the device encryption that, according to the release notes on the app’s listing in the Play Store, is included.

    The only circumstance in which the “tap-to-reveal PIN” option might be useful is one in which you would be surrounded by people you do not know, such as a packed train. However, as was said before, given the rate at which codes are updated, concealing them has never actually presented much of a benefit. Google did not provide an explanation for why it changed its mind about this specific feature, but we remain hopeful that one will be forthcoming. Additionally, there is always the possibility that it will return, either with or without the modifications already mentioned.

    The most recent update to Google’s login app began rolling out on July 14, and if you have auto-update set on your device, it is likely that you have already received it and installed it. It should be noted that the app has not had an update since May 2022, which took it to version 5.20R2 and offered the capability to hide 2FA codes. This was the program’s first upgrade in the past two years, thus updates have been few. However, given the sporadic nature of these revisions and updates, it is possible that we may observe a shift in the status quo right before our very eyes and much more quickly than we could have anticipated.