T-Mobile’s home internet service will once again cost $60 per month.


    The cost of T-Mobile’s home internet service is going up. T-Mobile confirmed to CNET that it will once again charge $60 per month for new home internet subscribers who do not also have the carrier’s wireless service, following news that was leaked online on Reddit on Tuesday.
    This Thursday, January 18, is when the new prices will take effect. The $60 monthly pricing includes a $5 monthly savings for automatic payments, or AutoPay.

    After that date, T-Mobile wireless customers who want to add home internet can still receive a discount; the amount of the savings will vary depending on the type of package they have. Individuals on other wireless plans will receive a $10 monthly discount, while those with Go5G Next, Go5G Plus, or Magenta Max will receive a $20 monthly discount off the cost of home internet.

    Previous T-Mobile Home Internet customers won’t experience price increases because the carrier previously offered a “Price Lock” guarantee that prevented price increases for current customers.

    Although it will be slightly different from what it has previously supplied, new users will still receive the “Price Lock” guarantee. The carrier will now offer to pay for the last month of service if it ever raises pricing and a customer cancels due to the rate increase, rather than guaranteeing that it won’t raise costs in the future.

    All users would have to do to get the last bill paid is inform the carrier that they are leaving within 60 days.

    With the latest adjustment, T-Mobile is back at a price that is familiar. For customers who did not have its wireless service, T-Mobile charged $50 per month when it initially started offering its home internet option in trial form. It extended for a larger debut in March 2021, discreetly raising the price to $60 per month, but in October of the same year, it dropped down to $50.

    Included in that price were equipment, taxes, fees, and an AutoPay discount. In order to provide customers a discount, the carrier changed its AutoPay policies last year and eliminated credit cards. Instead, customers had to pay with a debit card or bank account. The monthly cost would be $5 more in the absence of the Auto Pay savings.

    The most recent wireless carrier to modify its rates is T-Mobile. AT&T announced last week that it will be boosting the rates on its unlimited plans. The increase will take effect immediately for new users and will be implemented gradually for current users starting in March.