The Charging Mistakes iPhone Experts Say You Should Avoid

    The Charging Mistakes iPhone Experts Say You Should Avoid

    The quality of your iPhone depends entirely on its battery. The best strategy to ensure that battery runs at a high rate is to ensure that your phone is fully charged each and every time you plug it in and turn it on. Bad charging experiences can accumulate. And they may cause a phone to lag, take a long time to download apps, and load pages slowly. We spoke with tech experts who provided a list of some of the most frequent charging errors that you should escape at all costs because they are so detrimental to your battery. the positive news They are easy to avoid, allowing you to prolong the life of your battery.

    Avoid Using Fake Charging Accessories

    No matter how cheap they are, you must not use fake lightning connections or charging bricks to charge your iPhone, advised David Attard, a digital consultant and web designer for To achieve a longer battery life from your iPhones, always use an MFi-certified charger, according to Attard.

    By avoiding the need to replace your battery, spending a little extra today on a better charger can result in long-term financial savings.

    When your iPhone is charging, do not use it

    No matter how many things you need to get done, wait until your iPhone is completely charged before using it. According to Attard, it “may overheat the gadget and damage the battery health.” Never charge your iPhone in a car on a sunny day, last but not least. Heat is the enemy of your iPhone since it degrades the battery and causes it to keep a charge less effectively.

    Co-founder of Authority Builders Peter King concurs that it is critical to refrain from using your phone while it is plugged in and to always leave it charging in a space with a lower temperature. King promised that the subsequent charge would be swift and hassle-free. The panel of your car receives a lot of sunshine and can heat up your iPhone, especially if you’re using a GPS or other similar apps. Try your best never to keep your iPhone there.

    In a word, cheap, fake charging accessories that drain your phone battery completely and extreme heat are two of its worst enemies. Avoiding these will increase the lifespan of your phone (and save you money and frustrations).