The news of Sam Altman’s departure from OpenAI shocks the IT community.


    OpenAI’s former CEO Sam Altman resigned, and the tech world is inconsolable. Tech executives and employees are taking to X to share their dismay and speculate about his departure.

    Former OpenAI CTO Mira Murati will take over as the company’s acting CEO.

    The news that OpenAI has fired CEO Sam Altman has sent shockwaves across the tech sector, and people are freaking out.
    Altman cofounded OpenAI in 2015. The board of the AI business that powers ChatGPT said on Friday that it no longer had faith in Altman to oversee the company, citing the fact that he was “not consistently candid in his communications.”

    Tech community members are using X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their shock over Altman’s leaving.

    “OMG! Claiming to be the creator of an AI firm, Pietro Schirano commented on X, “I was not expecting this atomic level bomb news today.”

    Matt Wolfe, a self-described “builder” of an AI tools website, commented on X, “I didn’t see that coming.” “I actually thought he was an excellent and balanced ambassador for the tech.”

    Tech executives are commending Altman for his influence and contributions.

    Tech entrepreneur and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said on X, “Sam Altman is a hero of mine.” “He built a company from nothing to $90 Billion in value, and changed our collective world forever.”

    The board’s decision to declare it no longer believed Altman could manage the company is the subject of conjecture from other prominent figures in the IT industry.

    Tech journalist Kara Swisher commented on X, “Like everyone, I have no idea the reason the board had for firing @sama this way and so suddenly,” speculating that the decision might have been financial or personal in nature.

    Even some techies are reacting with shock that Altman is leaving.

    “Is this April 1st already?” Subbarao Kambha posted on X and identifies himself as an AI researcher at Arizona State University.

    The news follows the cofounder of OpenAI’s presentation at the company’s inaugural developer conference more than a week ago of ChatGPT’s most recent and potent version. Former OpenAI CTO Mira Murati will act as the company’s acting CEO until a permanent replacement is found.

    When contacted for comment, OpenAI pointed Insider to its announcement of Altman’s resignation.
    For his part, Altman has not yet disclosed all the specifics of his resignation.

    “My experience at OpenAI was fantastic. It changed me personally and, hopefully, the world in some small way. Above all, I had a great time working with such amazing people,” he wrote on X. “will have more to say about what’s next later.”