The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is Literally Bigger Than An Xbox Series S

    The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Is Literally Bigger Than An Xbox Series S

    One of NVIDIA’s most recent graphics cards, the RTX 4090, is scheduled to be on sale in the upcoming weeks.

    People have noted that the GPU is a fat guy, bigger in bulk than an entire Xbox Series S console.

    It is undoubtedly far more powerful, but the fact that Microsoft was able to squeeze a 1080p60+ gaming setup into such a small size is a credit to their engineering prowess.

    NVIDIA recently unveiled its new line of graphics cards, boasting a variety of AI scaling technology and higher performance thresholds. Although there has been some debate on how NVIDIA is promoting their new RTX 40 series, some of the performance improvements still remain alluring. However, you might want to examine how much physical space you have left over if you were expecting to put one of these more expensive cards in your current setup. Particularly the RTX 4090 is a big guy.

    The RTX 4090, one of NVIDIA’s top GPU options at the moment and discovered by Okami Games and others, is bigger than an Xbox Series S console.

    I performed some fast calculations since I was curious to see whether it was bigger by volume, and sure enough, the RTX 4090 is greater by volume than an Xbox Series S.

    In contrast to an Xbox Series S, the RTX 4090 is unquestionably a giant, but the fact that Microsoft’s technical team was able to fit a whole gaming console capable of 1080p visuals at 120 FPS into a relatively tiny package is impressive.

    In contrast, the RTX 4090 is a powerhouse with an eye toward the future that easily handles 4K resolution at speeds of 100 FPS and higher and should be a contender for 8K gaming in the future. Monstrous power, of course, comes at a beastly price. You could buy five Xbox Series S consoles for the price of one NVIDIA RTX 4090 ($1600 RRP), and still have some money left over for some Xbox accessories.

    The Xbox Series S had a rough start, but as more game developers grew accustomed to its quirks and restrictions, we’ve seen an increase in the number of titles optimised for 1080p 60 FPS, or even 120 FPS in some cases, thanks to its more advanced CPU than the Xbox One generation before it. With a standard 4K 60 FPS, the Xbox Series X continues to be the console gaming leader. Once the newest RTX 40 series cards are more widely accessible in the upcoming weeks, they will undoubtedly set the standard for visual quality and performance in gaming. However, I’m not sure whether I’d be ready to part with a kidney anytime soon to create an RTX 4090 setup.