World’sThinnest Smartphone Infinix Note 12 VIP with 120w Charging. Facts Revealed.

    Infinix Note 12 VIP

    The Note 12 VIP is the world’s first 120W smartphone and the latest Infinix Android 12 smartphone. According to the company, it’s also the thinnest mobile device that uses this charging method. It also has a 120Hz AMOLED display, a 108MP main rear camera, and a low price because of its MediaTek Helio CPU, which only supports 4G/LTE.

    The Note 12 VIP gets its moniker from its new Note 12 (G96) sibling, which lacks the Note 12 VIP’s maxed-out main camera, refresh rate, and charging standard. They are, however, both powered by the Helio G96 SoC with 8GB of RAM, which runs XOS 10.6 on Android 12.

    This probably very imprecise swipe at what may be expected from Redmi’s Note 12 phones would start at the equivalent of US$200 for a 12 (G96), climbing to roughly $300 for a 12 VIP in the near future in places where Infinix is active (including the Philippines, Nigeria, and Pakistan).