Your Inbox Will Soon Wear Gmail’s New Design

    Your Inbox Will Soon Wear Gmail's New Design

    In February of this year, Google revealed a new integrated Gmail web interface with more Meet, Spaces, and Chat engagement. Back then, if you wanted to test out the new Gmail look, you had to actively enable the option. To test the layout, you have to choose to do so. Google is introducing the new experience with a Material You layer over top to a small number of users on an opt-out basis, which implies that the new UI will be made available to them immediately. The layout is also being altered in order to prevent Chat and Meet from being forced onto users.

    With its new appearance, the big G intends to turn Gmail into a one-stop online productivity tool. The integrated view eliminates the need to switch tabs in order to continue your present conversations or join a video conference. If all you care about is reading emails, there is also a simple configuration option to deactivate the Chat and Meet programmes and use a Gmail-only interface. In the now-outdated design, the integration of these services always appeared a little forced. The new layout corrects it by giving Chat, Spaces, and Meet the room they require. The application of Material You to the new layout, which gives the user interface (UI) a more modern look, is what’s new in today’s news. The write button has been made more boxy, and the background has changed to a new shade of blue.

    You won’t be required to utilise Chat and Meet as part of the new UI if you only use Gmail. According to Google’s announcement, you will only see Gmail in its updated form; interaction with Chat, Spaces, and Meet is subsequently disabled. Previously, this wasn’t the case, and given the criticism it has faced, Google is presumably correcting it now.

    If you do not like the modified layout, you may return to the previous view in quick settings. Selecting the Settings icon in the top-right corner of Gmail on the web will bring up the shortcut for returning to the original Gmail view. This decision won’t be made for very long, though, as Google eventually wants everyone to switch to the new design. Similar to that, you could want to check out the new experience there as well.

    After 15 days, Workspace and personal Gmail accounts often receive new features. This time, it issues a caution that visibility may need “potentially more than 15 days” following deployment.