Arcade games are not so much fun anymore. The thrill of the real-life escape games is becoming more and more exciting.

Nowadays, people are looking for the true essence of the game. They want an experience and a story. They want the challenge and the feeling of walking into a locked room and then solving the puzzle they are given. They want the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of escape as they crack the code and leave the room.

The real-life escape games are designed to give you that experience and that rush of adrenaline. The real-life escape games offer an experience that is fun and healthy.

The real-life escape games, especially since they are becoming so popular, are being opened all over the world.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, for instance, there are plenty of real-life escape games. In this article, we are going to tell everyone about the best escape rooms in Indianapolis. Escape rooms are a fun activity to do for people of all ages. 

 You can find all these escape rooms in various Indianapolis hotels, so anyone who is in Indianapolis can always find an escape room to do. 

Here are the top 9 escape rooms in Indianapolis:

The Escape Room

2015 marked the year when Escape Room USA first welcomed customers. After becoming enamored with the idea of an escape room, Brendon and Jennifer Harbron, along with Scott and Marjorie Neal, established Escape Room USA. The company expanded from having one location with seven employees to having two locations with over sixty employees in just over two years’ time.

In addition to receiving over 30,000 likes on Facebook, the company is now in first place in the 5-star reviews that it has received on Trip Advisor for Indianapolis Fun and Games. Before, after, or even during the game, players are welcome to the Escape Room USA lounge to sample a unique assortment of complimentary Indiana beers and wines from the state’s brewing industry.

Breakout Games

In 2015, Breakout Games was first made available to the public. Since it first began expanding across the country with the opening of more than 40 new locations, the company has evolved into a nationally recognised brand. Even the most seemingly insignificant aspects of Breakout Games help to distinguish it. Players in Breakout are only able to receive clues—no matter how many there are—when they make a conscious effort to do so.

The company also offers mystery-in-a-box experiences under the brand name Dispatch. These adventures will put your detective skills to the test by providing you with a series of real-world and digital clues that are delivered straight to your front door. There is a series of games available for younger children called Dispatch Kids. These games are designed to help children improve core abilities such as language, mathematics, and social skills in a way that is both fun and interactive.

Locked in at the Lake is a fun and challenging escape room experience that can be found right here in Northwest Indiana (NWI), at Cedar Lake. There is something for everyone, as evidenced by the fact that FOUR separate rooms have been designed expressly for children, adolescents, and adults. If you want to have pleasure for the whole hour, you should make your reservation as soon as possible.

Your group has sixty minutes to find a solution to the problem that’s been presented to you. You will need to find solutions to a variety of different kinds of puzzles, both physical and mental. Communication is crucial, and you must keep cool under pressure.


At Cedar Lake in Northwest Indiana (NWI), there is a place called Locked in at the Lake, which is an escape room experience that promises to be both entertaining and challenging. As evidence that there is something for everyone, the fact that there are FOUR distinct rooms that have been developed particularly for children, adolescents, and adults is provided. It is important to make your reservation as soon as you can if you want to ensure that you will be able to enjoy yourself for the full hour.

Your group has one hour to figure out how to solve the problem that has been presented to you. You will be tasked with solving a wide array of challenging challenges, some of which will be mental while others will be physical. Maintaining your composure and communicating effectively are both essential when working under pressure.

Twisted Escape Rooms

The year 2016 marked the beginning of operations for Twisted Escape Rooms. The city of Indianapolis is responsible for the development of every aspect of the brand, from the first idea to the final manufactured goods. In addition to this, they host engaging activities for both businesses and families, all of which are geared toward fostering communication, collaboration, and critical thought.

During the time that participants have to kill while waiting for their turn to take part in the escape room activity, they have access to a ski ball game, a giant game of connect four, checkers, and an arcade game. At Twisted Escape Rooms, players have the chance to uncover tokens that have been concealed throughout the escape rooms; once discovered, these tokens can be exchanged for a wide selection of incredible rewards.

The Key Escape Rooms

In 2016, Julie Gerard and Tammy Beckham launched a business venture known as The Key Escape Rooms. On the 2017 Indianapolis A-List, family-friendly The Key was ranked ninth out of 54 venues, despite having been open for business for only four months. The Key Escape Rooms Indy specializes in creating escape games with a horror-based setting that are appropriate for children.

The business is accessible to those using wheelchairs and also provides free parking. Additionally, the organization is able to provide an event hall that is outfitted with a specialized sound and lighting system, as well as catering and beverage services. The Key Escape Rooms is also the location of the well-known Asylum Haunted House. This is an interactive haunted attraction that is both terrifying and enjoyable all at the same time.

James Bomb: Escape Inc

The absence of war and violence in the world is an illusion. You’ve got a lot of experience working with MI6, covert agent! You have been responsible for bringing down some of the most dangerous criminal syndicates on the planet. According to the information you’ve obtained, a group might be getting ready to launch an assault on the Bank of England right now.

While you were on a mission to prevent them from achieving their objective by intercepting the data, an unexpected event took place. You and your team of agents came under attack from Count David of Liverpool, and as a result, you and they were both captured. As soon as you open your eyes, you realize that you are now located in a cramped, dark room. The Count has you, your team, and a bomb locked up in the basement of the World Bank. You are being held there by the Count.

It is his intention to wipe out both you and the World Bank at the same time. As more time passes, there is a decreasing window of opportunity to detonate. In order for you to get free of your captivity within the allowed time period of sixty minutes, the bomb timer needs to be deactivated.

The Hunted II: The Key Haunted Escape Rooms

The Sandman has made his comeback! Who could that possibly be? Supervillain The Sandman refers to people as “Inferior Beasts,” which is one of the reasons he is motivated to wipe humanity from the face of the earth. He comes back from the beginning of the game’s instance. You have a responsibility to prevent him from carrying out his malicious plans this time, which involve launching yet another assault on humankind. The fact that he is hidden away in a desolate part of the globe is the source of the problem.

After a period of time spent looking, you were finally successful in locating the criminal. He has hidden himself away in the middle of a swamp somewhere! As soon as you and the rest of your crew discover where Sandman is hiding out, you immediately start formulating a plan to foil his dastardly schemes.

You have no choice but to venture into the treacherous marshes of the Okavango Delta. These wetlands can be found deep within the territory of South Africa. As soon as you and the other members of your group arrive in South Africa, you make a hasty journey in the direction of the wetland areas. You have one hour to figure out the Sandman’s clues and foil his plans.

Submarine: Twisted Room Escapes

The aftermath of the Second World War was unique in comparison to anything else the world had ever witnessed. One of numerous top-secret projects that were developed to boost their potential for warfare was the submarine training project. In order to be adequately prepared for difficult circumstances, military personnel undergo extensive training that takes place underwater and under adverse conditions.

Because of one “Unfortunate Incident,” the entire organization had to be disbanded, which was a very unfortunate outcome. After the crew was recalled, the submarines were left at the bottom of the ocean without someone to operate them. After a period of time had passed, unexpectedly one of the submarines manifested itself again! You and your friends are a group of treasure hunters, and as soon as you learned about the event, you hastened to be the first ones there. You wanted to claim your share of the loot. You were completely transfixed by the solitary object that was floating in the sea.

You and your companions were looking through the submarine for something of value when the hatch was abruptly shut behind you, and a voice suddenly erupted from the speakers “Could it possibly be Captain Penrose? Hello once more. The process of training has now commenced!” In the following hour, you have the opportunity to find a way out of the ocean’s depths before you are trapped there forever.

A Night At The Castle: Escape Room the USA

You and your friends make an excellent archival detective team! You’ve spent some time thinking about the assassination of King Ludwig II, and now you’re going to Europe to investigate the case. It is laughable to suggest that his passing was a successful effort at taking his own life. As soon as you and your group touch down in Europe, you and your companions make a beeline for the illustrious Neuschwanstein Castle. You are tasked with discovering the answers to the manor’s many puzzling questions and hidden puzzles.

King Ludwig II, sometimes known as “Mad King Ludwig,” took his own life by drowning himself in Lake Starnberg on June 13, 1886. His death is frequently referred to as a suicide. At the time, everyone unanimously agreed that the death was a suicide, and those who wanted a more in-depth investigation were made to feel ashamed of themselves.


You and your pals are of the opinion, similar to the latter group, that there is more to the enigma that has been uncovered here. You have made the decision to search the entire castle for any hidden hints, and you will also attempt to solve any puzzles that may contain clues to a possible plan involving your family. By delving into the murky world of betrayal, you can learn the truth and find the priceless treasures.

You can find all these escape rooms in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Indianapolis has many other escape rooms that are very highly ranked, but the ones mentioned here have been tested by many people. 

Escape rooms are a great way to get exercise, have fun, and have an overall amazing time. 

 So, check it out and let us know what you think!