Whether you’re looking for a new gaming monitor, Laptop, tablet, or motherboard for your high-end gaming PC setup, ASUS is a name worth considering. ASUS has been a major participant in the PC hardware, computer systems, and accessories industry for a long time. They’ve also established a reputation for delivering high-quality goods.

You need to understand how long the Asus laptop’s battery will last and how they compare to other brands if you are buying one.

This guide will answer all your questions regarding the life expectancy of an average Asus laptop battery. It also explains what you can do to prolong its lifespan.


What causes gaming laptop batteries to drain so quickly?

Gaming is a time-consuming and resource-intensive activity. As a result, it is common for the battery to drain more quickly when playing games. However, even under modest stress, gaming laptops tend to expire quickly. What is the reason behind this?

When building laptops, manufacturers must choose between performance and battery life, which means they must make a trade-off. It is not always possible to optimize for both of them. Improved performance of a component can be achieved by optimizing it. However, this might result in reduced energy efficiency.

All components (such as the CPU and GPU) of a gaming laptop have been optimized for peak performance. As a result, they often consume more energy, lowering battery backup.

  • GPU

The Graphics Processing Unit is the most power-hungry component. Because GPUs contain many transistors switching at high frequencies, they demand more power. Because a CPU has fewer transistors than a high-end GPU, it requires less power.

The majority of gaming laptop GPUs are rated at 100W or above. This implies they can utilize up to 100 watts of electricity when under heavy load. However, modern GPUs have a power-saving mechanism that minimizes power usage when the GPU is idle.

  • High rate of refresh

The refresh rate refers to how frequently it can draw a new image. Because a high refresh rate is necessary for a smooth gaming experience, gaming laptops often feature displays with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

However, compared to a typical 60Hz or 90Hz display, panels with greater refresh rates require more electricity. Another reason gaming laptops have a shorter screen-on time is because of this.

  • CPU use is high.

High-speed CPUs are common in gaming laptops. When idle, these processors save a lot of energy, but they achieve very high clock speeds (up to 5 GHz) and use a lot of power when gaming.

Compared to Intel CPUs, AMD’s Ryzen series boasts greater energy efficiency. So, if you’re serious about battery life, invest in an AMD processing laptop.


How do I check my battery life while playing a game on my Asus Gaming Laptop?

Keep the game slightly minimized so that the taskbar at the bottom of the screen remains visible at all times, indicating the battery %.

Another thing to remember is that while a laptop is in battery mode, it should not be utilized for gaming.

Only play games while the Laptop is plugged into the charger. You should not use a third-party charger instead of the one that came with the Laptop. This is because the Laptop will draw a large amount of electricity from the battery, severely reducing its lifespan. When the charger is attached, and the game is running, it handles the load; therefore, there is no problem because the charger is intended to manage it.

Furthermore, getting a good cooling pad to keep your laptop cool while playing the game might be beneficial.

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What is the average lifespan of an ASUS Laptop Battery?

The typical Asus laptop lasts between 3 and 4 years. This is the long-term battery life, which relates to the battery’s whole lifespan.

An Asus laptop battery is likely only to keep a charge for a limited length of time after 4 years of frequent use. As a result, getting the Laptop to power on may be difficult, and the device may overheat fast.

If you charge your Asus battery frequently, it will wear down. A charge cycle occurs when the battery empties and is then replenished. This is a problem with many computers and manufacturers, but mid-range Asus laptops may fast deteriorate if overcharged.

An Asus laptop battery should last 3 to 4 years under normal conditions for the average user.


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