According to its makers, Skydio 2 ($ 999) is one of the most innovative auto-follow drone on the face of the earth. Thanks to a range of 6 4K cameras as well as some exclusive software application established by a group of MIT grads, this drone is capable of flying, filming, evading challenges, and also planning out cinematic trip courses, all with no input from the user.

This is the 2nd generation of the drone, and in this brand-new and also enhanced version, Skydio has tried to resolve the kinks that plagued the initial. So, when I got my hands on a review device, I did the only point I could think about to examine an auto-follow drone of this caliber.

I hopped on a mountain bike, headed to the nearby thicket of trees, and tried my finest to shed it.

Wide open areas

The starting point I set for Skydio 2 ]was an open car park with absolutely nothing more than a few light posts sparsely present throughout. I did this out of care. After trying a six other auto-follow drones throughout the years, I’ve developed a healthy and balanced suspicion of their abilities. Despite a track record like Skydio’s, I wanted to do the maiden trip in a place that was mostly devoid of blockages.

To my joy, the drone managed itself gracefully in this open setting, conserve for a slightly stressful point between takeoff and alignment when it flew towards the trees near the border of the great deal as well as appeared to be on a collision course with a big Douglas fir.

Fortunately, Skydio’s software did its work, as well as it came to a mild quit right before the trunk, nestling in to locate an ideal shooting angle. Once my heart beat slowed, I locked the drone on me and also rushed around the parking lot walking for a couple of seconds, an act the drone had zero issues following. It stuck on me like white on rice, maintaining a constant gap at all times, as well as instantly adjusting its cam angle when required.

Skydio 2

That was simply kicking the tires. The second test was harder. Me and a few of my friends hopped on our bikes and started an ascent up a decommissioned road (on our means to the gnarly, tree-filled trails we had planned for later on). Branches hung down from the bordering trees and also bushes, as well as there was just a narrow corridor in which the drone could safely adhere to.

Again, Skydio 2 managed this setting effortlessly. It remained on my tail like my shadow, and also when I tried to cheating it by quickly turning around and competing downhill, the drone not only kept up, but kept me inside shot  the whole time.

At this moment I was amazed, but the hardest test was yet to come. What I had come for was a collection of routes that goes through a densely-packed forest. The plan was to blast down them on mountain bicycle as rapid as feasible to see if Skydio 2 can keep up.

In my mind, this is the ultimate test for any auto-follow drone. If it can navigate through tight trees at great speed, then it can deal with anything. I rode into the thickest component of the forest, fired up the drone, as well as sped up off down the dirt.

Can’t manage the bramble

This was when the drone showed its limitations. It followed for a couple of seconds and also effectively took a complicated course via the trees, but because of the mix of high speed and regular obstacles, it began to lag behind. I left it in the dirt within a couple of secs, and needed to backtrack so it might re-establish lock on me.

This made us slow going  the hill. in the Beginning, I couldn’t go ahead more than a couple loads meters without having to stop and wait so  it could catch up. I was hoping it would certainly do well here, unfortunately it ended up being more of a burden than a comfort. Nonetheless, despite the dull chase footage, this trial did highlight what the Skydio 2 has going for it.

First of all, the Skydio 2 never ever crashed. Neither it ever came close to crashing. No matter exactly how thick the foliage, despite the amount of branches stood in its way, it constantly did what was required to stay clear of a collision. This substantially boosts your confidence, and places your mind at ease during shooting sessions.

By the end of the day, I had full trust in Skydio’s autopilot. I can not downplay exactly how soothing it is to recognize your $1,000 flying electronic camera isn’t going to destroy itself, no matter how questionable the environment.

Second, the subject tracking software is excellent. Not just does Skydio 2 have the capacity to track several subjects, it likewise remembers the aesthetic trademark of those subjects and also can re-establish a lock when somebody leaves as well as returns to the shot.

This happened when I was riding behind the drone so I could see as it followed my pal down the path. It then came to a stop– probably due to the fact that he rode too far in advance– yet when I rode beneath it as well as entered it’s field of view, the software immediately remembered me & resumed following.

We utilized this leapfrog approach for the remainder of our flight with the forest, which allowed us to catch some long, unbroken riding series also when the drone was having trouble keeping up.

I likewise enjoyed the brand-new Skydio Beacon. It’s has a GPS beacon/remote you can use instead of your smart device for controls. drone got lost? Simply press the homing button and also it’ll fly toward your GPS signal up until it again establishes a visual lock.

Skydio 2

Need to realign it? Just point, click, as well as drag the drone through the air to where you want it to be. Want to alter your recording angle? Press any type of arrow on the directional pad. The Skydio 2 Remote puts the drone’s most essential functions right at your fingertips instead of hiding them away in a smartphone app.

The application absolutely isn’t anything to belittle, though. It’s refreshingly minimalist, and mirrors the streamlined, mostly-hands-0ff nature of the flying experience. There are three buttons on the primary interface, as well as a hamburger icon on the top left where you can discover all the various other settings & options. That’s it. In various other drones, this level of minimalism could be a concern, yet it does not feel restrictive with the Skydio 2. Maybe since algorithms and sensing units are managing numerous elements of the drone’s flight.

In general, I’m impressed with this little quad. It’s certainly the very best auto-follow drone you can get today, and also it makes predecessors like Airdog and also Hexo+ look primitive in comparison. Even the auto-follow attributes on DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro (which also has omnidirectional obstacle avoidance) can’t compare.

Taking the reins

While advanced autopilot is the primary marketing point of this drone, it’s an absolute trouble to fly by hand. The controls are limited and receptive, and also the drone feels very flashy and also athletic airborne. I would say it gets on par with DJI’s Mavic line– yet that’s not also the best thing.

When you fly Skydio 2 in manual mode, you’re in control of where the drone goes yet Skydio’s obstacle evasion system is still working behind-the-scenes and also will assist guide you around any type of obstructions you encounter.

skydio 2

Unlike collision evasion systems on other drones I’ve tested, which just stops the drone in its tracks when it gets also too close to any obstruction, Skydio’s software program will automatically change its trip course to make sure it misses the obstruction, however continue flying in wanted direction. This generally implies you can fly reckless and also carry out maneuvers you ‘d generally never do. It’s like bowling with bumpers, or using aim assist in a FPS game.

Eventually, that’s what makes the drone a lot enjoyable to fly. It gives you confidence as a flyer. Whether you’re flying by hand or in full autopilot, Skydio’s AI allow you fly harder, faster, and also with much less effort.

Our take

Skydio 2 is conveniently the most effective auto-follow drone I have actually ever tested– and I have actually flown a great deal of them over the past couple of years. In fact, it’s the only non-DJI drone I would certainly suggest buying right now, especially if your major goal is to film on your own or others doing action sports like skiing, snowboarding, hill biking, and even wakeboarding.

The Skydio 2 is currently available for pre-order with a $100 refundable deposit, which goes towards its $999 retail price. It’s set to deliver in “very early 2020.”

Is there a better choice?

In the realm of auto-follow drones, there is no better different to Skydio 2. This is the cream of the crop. It resembles having a flying GoPro on an undetectable leash. The only factor you should not obtain one is if auto-follow capability isn’t your major issue.

If you’re much more curious about hands-on trip, you can get more bang for your buck with something like DJI’s Mavic Air or Mavic Pro, which are much better fit for general function aerial videography, as well as are a little bit a lot more small. They also boast slightly more battery life per cost, as Skydio only gets regarding 23 mins or so, compared to DJI’s 27-30.

The length of time will it last?

Drones are much more in jeopardy of accidental damage than most gadgets, so the Skydio 2’s evasion technology is a serious benefit. Or else, the drone feels durable sufficient to deal with at the very least several years of usage.

How much is Skydio?

The Skydio 2 is currently available for pre-order with a $100 refundable deposit, which goes in the direction of its $999 retail price. It’s readied to deliver in very early 2020.