Apple might allow you to preview parts of a particular third-party iOS app before installing them on your iPhone by scanning a QR code based on an early version of iOS 14 reviewed by 9to5Mac.  The feature is reportedly part of a new iOS 14 API called “Clips.” According to 9to5Mac, the Clips API “enables developers to deliver interactive and engaging content from their applications, even though you don’t have them installed on your iPhone.  When scanning a QR code, a card appears that lets you connect with an app’s components.nThe card will also allow users to access a complete version of the app from the App Store or, if you already have the previewing app, open the interactive experience of that app.

Apple may use OpenTable, Airbnb, DoorDash, Sony’s PS4 Second Screen app, and YouTube to test the app previews according to 9to5Mac’s review.

This latest feature sounds like Android’s Slices functionality, which surfaces parts of an app in search results and Google Assistant, or Android’s Instant Apps, which stacks a mini version of an app when you tap a button. However, 9to5Mac says the code it tested addresses only Clips API incorporation with QR codes, so it’s unclear whether Apple plans to incorporate the new functionality with Spotlight, Siri, or other iOS parts.

iOS 14 will also include changes to iCloud Keychain, a new home screen list, an updated fitness app & more.