Sony has recently announced the DualSense controller, the next-gen gamepad we’ll be using for the PlayStation 5 when the console is launched late 2020.

And although the distinctive design of the PS5 controller has divided fan opinion, the launch has given us a range of information about the gamepad’s intriguing features, including haptic feedback, an internal microphone & a new ‘Create’ button.

Yet where we’re most concerned, is what Sony hasn’t shown us. Even Since Sony announced Play Station 5 release date last year fans have been speculating what PS5 might like in terms of design, specification… The DualSense PS5 controller is the first major hint we’ve received of what the PS5 will be like in terms of design – as well as other potential PS5 features that sony may keep covered up its sleeve.

Anyway, we’ve put together a rundown of the major PS5 design hints we’ve been getting from the DualSense controller reveal, like what the PlayStaton 5 could look like and Sony’s potential next-generation targets.

The color scheme is black & white

ps5 design color schemeWhich quickly hits about the DualSense controller is the latest design; and, above all, the color scheme. Apart from the original gray PlayStation, Sony has also preferred to make regular PlayStation design matte black – later providing  other color variants and styles.

The DualSense, however, is white and black in two tones. The gamepad is mainly plastic, with black triggers, buttons L1 & R1, analog sticks & a dark underbelly.

Till Now, PlayStation controllers have mostly matched their color schemes with their  console counterparts  – it would be surprising if its not the case this time .It means we might have a two-tone blacks and white PlayStation 5 unit, identical to the gamepad, with console itself mostly white with black lining or parts.

Furthermore, After the launch, Sony may provide two more color options on the PS5-a black version & a white version. It doesn’t seem likely though.

Sony goes futuristic

Not only is the color scheme of the DualSense controller distinct from what we’ve seen in past PlayStation gamepads, but even the general form and style is a major change.

Sony is going futuristic in the concept of the DualSense – in fans also comparing the device to popular movie robots & droids – suggesting we’ll see something similar in the PS5 console’s design.

Although we know the PS5 does not look like the dev kits we’ve seen up to now, the alien-futuristic style can be in the right vein. The controller is white (as we spoke about) but looks very basic and elegant. With a shape like a boomerang, no detail in the colors of the buttons, and a blue light on either side of the gamepad, it seems like Sony is going for a minimalistic, futuristic style for the PS5.

PlayStation controllers frequently suit their companion consoles, as we found out with the colour scheme, and we would anticipate a similar streamlined style for the PS5 – possibly with blue lighting, subtly rounded edges and no detail when it comes to buttons and ports.

Increased Emphasis on Creation

Sony has done away with the ‘Share’ button for the DualSense for the DualShock 4 controller. The button is replaced with a new ‘Create’ button.

“With Create, we are again exploring new ways for players to develop amazing gaming content that they can share with people, or just enjoy themselves,” Sony revealed in its announcement.

Although the company says that it will not share more information until closer to release, we have a few suggestions about what it might be about. &We know Sony likes photo modes in its games, which is not surprising considering how awesome exclusive PlayStation tends to be, so it’s likely that this button might be an expansion of that, enabling players to further monitor videos photo modes  so they can share their adventures more easily.

However, it is also likely that Sony is following the lead of Microsoft in being more streamer-friendly, with ‘Create’ button moving to the options for making content that streamers may use. But we’re not sure they’d place that sort of alternative right on the controller unless the company’s making a huge move into producing content – which we suspect is the case.

Bold & Mature Look

PlayStation has evolved with their community over the years. Where once the company concentrated on being “family oriented,” PlayStation has evolved and continues to rely on an older demographic than Nintendo’s likes.

With the hardware of its next-gen consoles possibly equivalent to a gaming PC, Sony is expected to attract older gamers in the first place who want to see what new gaming tech  can do & are willing to pay big to get it – and the feel of the DualSense indicates that the console’s architecture would reflect this.

The evolution of PlayStation consoles has been more sophisticated and daring with each development – and the PS5 may be the maturest yet. A streamlined and innovative design will make the PS5 no longer be used as a toy but as a gaming machine-the embodiment of modern design.

More Multiplayer games Oriented

ps5 design : focus on multiplayerSony may have said it would maintain its emphasis on single-player narrative-led titles, but it seems as if the company is now looking to enhance multiplayer experiences.

The DualSense has both an audio jack and an embedded microphone which will make it easier for PS5 users to connect (and play) with friends. We also know that the PS5 will support the introduction of direct multiplayer, which would allow players to move from their home screen into matchmaking of a game without having to launch up the entire game.

USB Type C Port

It’s a small thing that we now know that a USB-C port would charge up the DualSense controller. But this also means you would be able to charge other things from your PS5 console, such as your smartphone. It is the little things.

Haptic feedback will set PS5 apart

One of the main features of DualSense controller is haptic feedback, which will give you “strong vibrations” while playing games. The controller can imitate the vehicle’s sluggishness through touch as you drive through mud. Even, the DualSense have adaptive triggers, & you can feel the anticipation when you draw a bow and arrow.

It seems like this feature is something that Sony feels would separate the PS5 from the Xbox Series X – and that is probably true.

“Based on our conversations with designers & developers, we found that the sense of touch inside gaming has not been a significant priority for many games, just like audio,” Sony said in the controller announcement.

Although to some extent the Xbox One controller has haptic feedback, the company hasn’t done anything to exploit that, and only a couple of developers are currently utilizing the feature well.

The Xbox Series X controller does not appear to have haptic feedback from what we learned until now – not that Microsoft has announced anyway.