In 2021, it is hard to exist without a smartphone. From work emails and video calls to group chats and games, all are possible through smartphones. As mobile phones have become essential for daily tasks for everyone, you need to make sure your device can handle it all. Therefore, you can’t simply go and buy any model you find on internet. You may have seen some best phone while choosing Spectrum mobile plans. Since a smartphone is a vital investment, you need to buy what is best for you.

But isn’t the answer to simply buy a good company’s flagship phone? Well, the answer varies. While flagship phones are very alluring, they are not for everyone. Of course, companies market their flagship phones to all lengths. After all, a flagship phone is the centerpiece of a mobile company’s collection. It is usually the model with the newest specs, the sleekest design, the latest tech—and the fattest price tag.

Therefore, it is essential to always know one thing: do you need that smartphone? With so many mid-range models offering similar specs at affordable rates, why should you opt for a flagship? Here is a guide that can help you with your decision.

Why You Need A Flagship Phone

Flagship phones are usually the most advanced products a company has on offer. Among all the models available, the flagship reigns supreme. Thus, it is a luxury product. Its price range leaves no doubt about that. Some recent examples of flagship phones are the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21, 21+ and 21 Ultra, and the OnePlus 8 Pro. Brands launch these phones at fancy reveal parties and make headlines. They’re the star of the show!

In comparison to mid-range smartphones, flagship phones usually have an edge. Companies use their latest tech to make every flagship model better than the last. While mid-range phones often have versions of the same specs, they are usually toned down. This is because mid-range phones need to fit within a certain budget. Meanwhile, there are no holds barred when it comes to flagship phones! Since the models are exclusive, they have no limit on their price tag. This is why brands market their flagship models as the best phones for the best people.

Of course, flagship phones come with many perks. Here are some of the features that make flagship phones worth it.

Fast Processor

A smartphone’s processor impacts many vital things. These include your phone’s speed and performance. Brands usually reserve their fastest processors for their flagship phones. Moreover, the processor affects the phone’s graphics and image processing through ISP and DSP chips. Additionally, the processor manages the security of the smartphone, as well as its network speed.

Therefore, a flagship phone will give you immense satisfaction as a user. With few lags and high power, your phone will let you do virtually anything. On the other hand, mid-range models better suit those who don’t use their phones extensively.

High-Quality Display

Flagship models have the best display technology amongst all models. Meanwhile, mid-range models have a lower quality of display. Thus, flagship models are great for people who want true-to-life colors and the best visuals. For example, artists, photographers, and mobile gamers.

Optimized Software

Brands give their flagship models the best software optimization. For instance, the iPhone has software that offers the smoothest user experience. In Android phones, the OnePlus is known for its excellent Oxygen OS.

Mid-range phones, in contrast, have poorer software. This makes these phones much more affordable.

Better Camera

In recent times, flagship smartphones have given cameras a run for their money. Instead of buying pricey photography equipment, many people now choose to buy a flagship smartphone. This is because most flagship smartphones have incredible cameras. Alongside high-quality photos, these cameras are ideal for videos. Therefore, a flagship phone can easily replace cameras for casual photographers. Even bloggers and video creators often use their phone cameras to record their content.

However, mid-range phones have been catching up in this department. Recently, companies have launched many models that boast amazing photo lenses and camera specs. For instance, mid-range models like the Redmi Note 7 Pro and the Google Pixel 3a give better results than some flagship phone cameras!

Strong Build and Design

Naturally, companies design flagship phones to be beautiful. They use the latest methods to make their flagship phones strong, sleek, and attractive. With premium build quality, they are more durable than mid-range phones.

Nevertheless, mid-range phones offer strong competition. Even though they don’t always have the highest build quality, newer models are always improving. Moreover, mid-range phones come in a huge variety. Therefore, all sorts of designs, colors, and builds are now available. Sometimes, mid-range models are even more attractive than flagship models!

Why A Mid-Range Phone Would Do

While all the above-mentioned specs sound fancy, not everyone needs them. Also, brands often create hype around specs that you don’t even need. For instance, a person who does not use their phone for heavy tasks or doesn’t need many apps will be happy with a mid-range phone. Of what use is a fast processor to someone who uses other devices for heavier tasks?

Moreover, mid-range phones are increasingly giving more returns to users. At a low price point, many mid-range models meet all user’s basic needs. Additionally, these models are very diverse. While flagship phones have a fixed design, mid-range models come in a vast variety. This means users have a much bigger pool to choose their ideal phone from. By choosing a phone that best matches your needs, you can be easily satisfied.

Also, buying a mid-range phone gives you the chance to keep updating your device. If you like to change your phone often and try different brands, you should opt for a mid-range phone. With little investment and high returns, you are not bound to keep the same one until the next flagship model comes out. When you opt for mid-range phones, you are spoiled for choice. If this appeals to you, ditch the flagship. Instead, get adventurous.