Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model)

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We are up with one of the most sophisticated gift ideas for your loved ones this valentine’s seasonApple AirPods are hands down the best wireless earphones in the market. They have set a benchmark that every other earphone manufacturer. All apple products speak for themselves, as quality will never be an issue. The AirPods provide high-quality sound with great adjustment through the iPhone settings and app. The light-weighted AirPods come with their case, which works as a charger itself. It has easy handling and control features that help you avoid unlocking your iPhone every time.

Apple AirPods with Charging Case Highlights:

  • Connects automatically and has almost zero cases of failure in terms of pairing or connectivity.
  • It has “tap features” which make it much easier to use at all times.
  • A case charger is one of the defining features of AirPods. The idea is among the best-executed innovations in the headphones industry.
  • You don’t need a separate charger for the case as it charges with a lightning connector.
  • Zero hassle while switching between multiple iOS devices.
  • It helps in commanding Siri in a seamless way.
  • It is an amazing touch to iPhone users. Airpods have been working on helping users to work with multiple iOS features. Apart from Siri, it is also allowing you to make all changes with just the AirPods tap features

Apple AirPods with Charging Case


  • The AirPods give up to 5 hours of listening time in one full charge.
  • It has a smooth matte touch that makes it feel premium when held in the hand.
  • The listening time can be 24 hours because of the charging case that is available at all types.
  • They come with 4 sensors that provide them functionality right from Siri to optical sensors usability.
  • The app and control methods for AirPods are impeccably good.


  • They are more expensive than other earphones having similar specs and form-factor.
  • It is not shipped to places like Alaska as they don’t promote lithium battery products.
  • Only AirPods pro has active noise cancellation. The rest two models lack it. This is one of the primary reasons for paper for airpod pro being more expensive than them.

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Final thoughts:

As discussed throughout the gift review sections, there is probably nothing wrong with the Apple AirPods. They work perfectly. It has been reviewed as the best AirPods or wireless earphones since the first apple AirPods were out. It set a benchmark for all the other competitors in the industry. Apples have continued to evolve AirPods making the smallest changes and keeping the quality steadily good. The features that define AirPods by apple are its quality in playing music, ease in handling through software, and the AirPods themselves. The connectivity is one of the highlights. It can switch seamlessly between devices after they are repaired. As apple AirPods are premium products, it is almost impossible to go wrong with them.