The Samsung S and Note series have been in sudden news lately. There have been security issues related to the fingerprint scanner which was updated in the recent line-up. This serious security flaw took the entire new release on the flip. The issue was not addressed until 4 weeks ago when Samsung finally came up with a fix for the fingerprint scanner that will be rolling out throughout the globe soon.

There have been some revolutionary ideas lately in the smartphone market. The changes in fingerprint scanner protection are one of the most highlighted ones. In the last couple of years, there has been immense attention in the sector because of innumerable reasons. While one of them was to get a 100% screen on the device, most people thought that this can make our devices much secured. However, it is working in the process and there have been a few setbacks.

The ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner faced issues, as reported by the UK news, an ordinary screen protector could mess with the security check and bypass the biometric fingerprint scanner. It was disappointing that a phone of this caliber and price was reported with a very basic yet prominent issue. Both Samsung S10 and galaxy Note 10 had a software call back for this.

The technical team explained that due to silicon made texture on the screen tricked it into letting anyone unlocking the device. Meaning that either the fingerprints go unreadable or don’t get read at all. This is not the case with biometrics. They usually deny the attempt if it is no read.

The solution for this is a software update that Samsung rolled ours for the galaxy note 10 and galaxy s 10 devices. This comes with a bug fix dedicated to fingerprint scanner security only. To help everyone know it, a notification will be sent along with the software update. Everyone needs to know about the update and get it done. There is an important thing to be noted. Everyone is asked to delete any and every fingerprint that was saved in the device before the software update and the new fingerprints should be registered without any protective layer on the display.

Samsung galaxy note 10 and galaxy s 10 addressed the issue verbally and on the internet at a conference in Korea. They stressed the importance of security in personal devices and ensured that there shall be no errors in the future.

The proceedings for the newer software update that is to enhance the security of fingerprints shall be made after going through the following steps.

Go to your settings app, go to the lock screen option which will take you to lock screen type. You will be asked to draw the pattern or the pin that you set previously. Touch on the fingerprints to remove them from your device. Then you can choose new options to set lock screens.

Because the news was discovered in the UK, they went the extra mile to ensure that the people are not troubled further. They quickly disabled the internet banking and security option for the accounts that come under this umbrella. Removing the account compatibility for people who had these devices was a great call. The presence of mind helped in preventing the issue from going any further.

After the security was updated, it was checked thoroughly before the UK government would allow them again. However, once satisfied they went on to provide the net banking options again.

Samsung has been a great brand for more than a decade now. We are sure that they will have innovations going up with minimum errors.