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Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case (Latest Model)
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The buzz in the electronics market is that the new and expensive airpods with noise cancellation, quoted $249 are great.

We all know how important earphones have got for every one of us. While walking back home or while working at the office. Even while working out! The earbuds have become a part of our routine.

earpods listening

Even a small improvement could make a lot of difference. Because of the standards that apple has set for itself, these are already rated as one of the best earbuds in the market.

The addition of noise cancellation has added a lot of value to the earbuds. Because it comes under the brand name of Apple the hardware is supportive enough to avoid almost any noise from the external distractions. The new AirPod pro is highly capable. As the New York City subways and roads suggest, it can make even those sounds avoidable.

One thing that Apple has done extremely well would be the transparency mode which has been reviewed as a very handy feature. It allows you to tone down volume and noise cancellation intensity of Airpods. It might still make low sounds or public announcements inaudible but you will be able to hear the traffic and people around you to an extent.

airpods transparency mode

The new and more expensive AirPods have however taken a significant improvement from its predecessor. There is no way one can complaint or review that sticking to the previous one doesn’t make a lot of difference. It will!

But because $249 seems a little too much for the entire consumer market, Apple decided to have the old line up alive at a cheaper price as a marketing strategy. Completely wireless AirPods are still underging improvements. That means there is a long way before they will be able to attain the quality of fully improved and iterated earphones. Twitter reflected that people did use AirPods for a lot of things but when they could, they switched to the Bose earphones that were just perfect.

The ideology behind adding noise cancellation to airpods is that it might be able to replace the wired earphone forever. They have become much more usable. You will find yourself wearing them throughout the day but it still isn’t perfect in every way.

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The new AirPods are at almost the same comfort level in terms of fitting as they were before. You can still pop them out accidentally if done in an upward position. But then this feeling will put you in the minority. This sleek design and light weighted buds make it easy for anyone to hold in the ear.

However, three differently sized silicone heads will help almost any ear size. These come out of the box with no extra charges. The main goal of adjustment in earbuds is to make your ear encapsulate the AirPods and the different sizes will surely help in that.

airpods fit

To avoid the trial and error method in choosing the best tip size for you, Apple has incorporated a size testing in your Bluetooth and AirPods app itself. All you have to do is wear AirPods and then play music. The inward-facing microphone will start judging the fitness as a snippet plays. This will go on to suggest the best fit for you. After this, you can put on those tips and listen to the sound. This will make the job much easier and will surely suggest the right fit without any error.

The microphone on the inner side that will help in testing the best fit ensures that the size you are wearing is the one that is perfectly encapsulated. This is the only way the AirPods will be able to give you noise cancellation. It is also possible that you will be suggested different sized tips for both ears. You don’t need to get them to be symmetric.Sometimes people tend to go a size above from the suggested tips. His is for people who take them off very regularly. In these cases having the ones that are most easily swapped are suggested.

The hand-free control system:

airpods siri

Your favorite voice assistant, Siri, is now working with the AirPods. When you say Hey Siri! The AirPods do respond but in a very low voice. You can control the music, sound, volume and everything else that the AirPods are supposed to do with Siri. But hearing Siri is not as crisp as other audios on the AirPods.

airpods siri

You can also use Siri to switch between noise cancellation modes. It will also allow you to turn on and off the transparency mode just by using your voice command. This helps in making the responses by Siri more audible. You will see a noticeable difference in the features with time is what people reviewed. But the reviews in the community claim that unless AirPods are given any physical damage there is no way that the performance can not be retained.

Amidst all these features, another eye-catching addition is sweat resistance in the AirPods. This is the first time Apple incorporate this feature. Now you can use the Apple AirPods more confidently in the gym.

Keep them juiced up:

The new AirPod Pro might be expensive. But for anyone who did spend the quoted price for previous AirPods, this is completely worth it. The whole point of being able to renew the experience is finding a significant number of improvements in the product. Apple has proved that its completely wireless AirPods are the best out there in the market.

airpods battery backup

With more than 5 hours of usage on one charge, the AirPods are an all-day option. Once fully charged you can take them for a whole day and still be left with some charge before going to the bed. Plus the case is well equipped to save the day even when you are far away from the home.

Noise cancellation will solve a lot of problems that wireless AirPods have been facing, apple claims. There are few improvements which if made will replace wired earphones forever. With the pace that Apple is going at and the optimism that they have shown in their products it might be that case that they will be the first ones to reach this milestone.

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