WhatsApp now displays larger previews of media in chats. A new update improves the way sent media is displayed, allowing for larger image and video previews. This feature began rolling out to iOS users last month and appears to be rolling out to all users, regardless of platform. It appears to provide a more comprehensive view of all content shared in chats, avoiding the omission of critical details due to cropping. Larger media previews enable you to scroll through conversations without opening the images or videos shared.

The instant messaging app announced the rollout of larger media previews on WhatsApp via Twitter. The tweet reads, “Photos and videos in WhatsApp have been increased in size, ensuring that no one is left out! That is an ideal reason to smile”. A video is attached to the tweet, demonstrating how sent media now has a larger preview than previously. The photo preview appears to be significantly larger than the previous version of the app’s small, square-shaped preview. The tweet makes no mention of the platforms on which the feature is being rolled out, implying that it has been enabled on all platforms on which WhatsApp is available.

This feature became available to users of WhatsApp for iOS in version 2.21.71. It should be planning to roll out to other platforms as well, and Android users can check for changes by updating the app to the latest version and sending any media.

Recently, the MyGov Corona Helpdesk chatbot for Indian users, powered by WhatsApp, added a new feature that makes it easier for people to search for vaccination centres in their neighbourhood. This chatbot, which was launched last year to combat fake news and raise awareness about COVID-19, has amassed over 1.7 crore users in just ten days since its launch.