This article will let you know new Apple Watch settings and how to navigate, customize it. Wearable devices have made technology more approachable and having complete control over it gives us the best experience.

If you use an iPhone then you probably have an apple watch already or waiting to get it.

The real concern is about how one would customize the apple watch to fit into their functionalities.

The discussion doesn’t end at the hardware end. It is not about the watch face or the band material and color. But the software part and quick functions make wearable tech so useful. Just like your smartphone, a smartwatch gives you innumerable ways to set the device. It makes things like contacts, notification or frequent spaces more reachable. All of these quick settings make the apple watch an amazing tech experience.

The further article will discuss how to customize the entire apple watch software appearance. The Apple Watch can be personalized in 2 ways. The first one includes the important options present in the watch itself. The second and more important settings options are in the dedicate app that the iPhone handles.

customize apple watch with iPhoneThis works to communicate in the apple ecosystem and has improved way more than it was expected to. This app will be preinstalled in the latest version of ios and certainly encourages all the users to buy the apple watch.

For a keener look at the settings and its inner options, you can go through the app itself. But going through the entire chart is time-consuming, therefore, you can always find the exact location of the setting option on the internet. Swiping up from the bottom of the watch screen shows quick options for certain functions. One of these is assigned to muting notifications or airplane mode.

The more useful little tweaks are made in the app. The app is designed to give you complete control of the watch. The sound alerts and their volumes can be controlled, the sensitivity of them to wake according to wrist position can be customized, and the security options for passwords are added too. The apps to access can also be positioned.

The app to customize apple watch settings  resembles a lot to the original apple iPhone settings app. The “my watch” section will guide you further into the watch settings-this is present at the bottom left of this app.

Let us now go through some of the key setting options that can be customized.


watch app screen

The watch screen has a humble space to handle app icons. There is a list of all the iPhone apps and inclusions of 3rd party apps that can be selected to show up. This freedom of choosing the position of apps makes less space seem highly functional and at the same time can be changed at all times.

You can also remove the apps that appear as a glitch or not useful. Newly installed apps that are preferred by the user can be handled easily on this list.

There are faster options to set and customize the apple watch. For example, there is an option that allows you to make all apps with watch function come up. This option is usually preferred for non-manual handling.

Though the AI on the watch is in a developing stage, it gives all the freedoms to customize the watch. The app layout enables the user to have arranged the watch appeared in a much better way. This is the only way to make good use of the watch’s small screen.


customize watch notifications

Notification can be irritating at times, especially on smartwatches. On the other hand, you would never want to miss an important notification from a friend or work.

The settings app allow its users to mute or activate notification sound and vibration on every app individually. This minimizes the notifications without compromising on necessary ones. The added benefit to this would be making battery life efficient.


customize apple watch mails

Going down to the sections of the message in the settings app the user can opt to mirror the iPhone apps and customize them. This also includes the flow of texts and alerts. Another interesting part of the apple watch is its capabilities to send and receive more data in the right way. The form of a text can also be judged and sent as heard. Which also means that you can choose their appearance every time.

The pre-judged replies for repetitive greetings or commands can be answered as a part of voice recognition. For example, even saying hi and bye can be done in multiple emotions making it more realistic.

Well, at the same doesn’t imply on email and its structures. Because o the restricted space and UI it gets difficult to manage emails. However, certain mails for selected contact who are not spammers can be verified. You either mute the mails from others or mark only the mail ids you wish to see a mail from.


customize apple watch contacts

The apple watch has options to let you call, message, send media files and more to your frequent contacts. The option for friends in the settings shall have these quick settings so you never have to scroll through your contacts.


customize orientation

The watch can be worn on either of the hands. So if you are a left-handed person there is nothing to worry about. The orientation of watch can be changed as per the hand that you wear it in. The orientation of software can be shifter in the settings app.


customize watch glance

The most important part of watch settings is the apps that you would want to reach first. Swiping up from the bottom of the screen brings opens up to a list of 20 apps. Their position in the list can also be selected. For familiarity, my app glances include weather, facebook, Instagram with other apps that sum up to 20.


decide what music gets sored on watch

There are certain things that you would want to have access to even when the phone is out of watch’s range. While at the gym or on a different floor of the apartment. The apple watch lets you keep 2 GB of music and 15 MB image files on the watch. These can be accessed without the support of your iPhone. The media files that you want to keep n the watch storage can be synced in the app settings for music and photos.


apple watch passcode

The small screen of the watch has a numeric keyboard which can be used for multiple things. The passcodes can be changed in the app settings and be used to unlock the watch with fingerprint or passcode. The keyboard is also useful to use apple pay options on the watch which makes it much more meaningful.

The new wearable tech is already reaching the next generation of usability. It is taking the entire tech experience to a new level. Like any other gadget, enthusiastic users should play with the brand new watch too and surely make it their own.