5 years ago, drones were just hi-tech toys that had just started to take shape of something much bigger. After multiple applications in cinematography and security, the drone market saw a massive upgrade from their existing forms. With multiple manufacturers around the globe making better drones with cameras and artificial intelligence, it was high time that we found a way to find the best drones. In 2015 Drone Racing League was founded which was made public in the following year. It has hosted 3 seasons and already gained immense popularity around the world. Both private and established manufacturers being their drones to compete with each other in this speed and ruthless test in the air.

drone racing league -drl

Controlling aircraft while still at the ground and battling with enemies sounded a little too futuristic. The growing drone technology and competition in the market enabled rapid enhancements which led to what we call the DRL today. The drone racing league is more about speed and precision than strength. The drones that participate in this league have a consistent capacity of flying at 80 mph. The most popular drone sport in the world, the DRL is broadcasted is 75 countries and on worldwide social media. With more than 50 million views on all its videos drone sports are expected to be an even bigger success in the coming success.


All the drones are required to match certain safety and ability measures and only after satisfying them, they get to participate in the league. All drones have similar strengths and capacity. Apart from battery capacity, speed and dimensional criteria these drones are supposed to have a high-quality camera for realistic pilot and spectator experience. This takes us to the most important part of gameplay which is a reference of the pilot. All the participants have to wear First Person View (FPV) goggles for the entire league. Drones are controlled in this view and the spectators get to watch the sport in multiple views including FPV.

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The most interesting part of the drone racing league and every other drone sport is the setup. The primary location of these drone races is tough to navigate-huge building and outdoor stadiums. The previous season whose major part was hosted in the open arena saw customized set up for races. The adventurous and racing sport is expected to worth more than $127 billion by 2020.


drone racing league seasson 3The DIY community of drone and Freedom Class Drones is few of many big names who have been a part of all 3 seasons of DRL. Not only are they innovating drone technology for the race but also making the entire technology more reachable for the average market. DRL started with 100-150 participants and today it keeps restrictions and qualification rounds to limit the competition. The insanely fast-growing technology will soon take over a much bigger market space with its strength and application scope. The DRL 2019 will be another great year for drone sports lovers.