OneWeb: Arianespace started another launch campaign from Vostochny satellite spaceport, which is majority-owned by Bharti and the British (state) on-British spacecraft, in Russia with a new LEOs from Kolkata: Bharti Global and the Russian gov teamed up to launch a new LEOsats satellite from Vostochny.

Thus far, OneWeb has successfully launched 182 satellites, bringing their total in-orbit to date to 200. The 648 LEO satellite fleet would be made up of six OneWeb Satellites that offer low latency and high-speed global connectivity.


Following their latest launches, OneWeb will be able to offer services in Britain, Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, and the Arctic, in addition to the entire North Pacific. This year they are predicted to expand their internet coverage to other territories such as Western Europe, Greenland, the North Atlantic, and the Northwest Coast of Canada, as well. the goal is to offer global service starting in India in the year after that.

OneWeb Corporation’s new CEO, Neilon, released an official statement Monday in which he claimed of the company’s “fast” uptake, acknowledged the increased number of satellites the group is launching and states that the satellite network has been made public for new distribution announcements around the world.

Earlier this month, OneWeb signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Kazakh government and local partners to support the country’s goal of digitalizing its economy, connect its citizens to the global market, and build its reputation as a global satellite communications center.

OneWeb developer Bharti Global has stated that it will enter India either as a joint venture partner or via bandwidth leasing in November and plans to start deploying gigabit-per-per-per-second (Gbps) internet (1,000 bps) internet connections by the end of 2022.

Bharti Enterprises has an overseas branch in Canada called Bharti Global that functions as the holding company for Bharti Airtel India, the country’s second-largest telecom company.