Google has confirmed that it would give away free google ads credit to advertisers. Within the coming months, the free ad credits will be available for use.

$340 million SMB Ad Credits

Google promised $340 million in Ad Credits to SMBs(Small to Medium Scale Business) .

Such ad credits will begin showing up in Google Ads accounts in the coming months.

Ad credits will be only for Existing Advertisers

Ad Credits are for Existing Marketers Only & available only to marketers who have been actively engaged in the past year, with a Google Support page indicating that only advertisers who were active since the beginning of 2019 will have access to Free Credits.

That is what the help page announced:

“SMBs that have been active advertisers since January 1, 2019 will have a credit notice appear on their Google Ads platform in the coming months.”

It means that small companies that start a new Google Ads account would not be qualified for a credit.

There is no indication on how many ad credits every advertiser would be given on.

Google Ad  Credits Expiration

Google Ad Credits Expire Next year hence must be used by 31st December 2020. They aren’t going to be rolled on to next year.

The ad credits will be valid for use until the end of 2020. Which means they are not going to be available for use until 2021. The ad credits have to be utilized by 2020.

Where can I use Google Ads Credit?

Where to use Google Ad Credits? Google Ad credits can be used through all advertisement platforms on Google.

According to Google: “The Ad Credits will work across the Google Advertising Platform, like Display, Search & YouTube, as well as other types of promotions.”

When are free google ads credit going to be available?

The ad credits will also not be made available promptly, according to Google. Google clarified that this is an announcement and that it is being worked on right now to follow through. Google’s help page suggested that ad credit updates would be provided in the “coming months.”

Official Google Ads Credits Support Page


Google’s Formal Announcement by Sundar Pichai