After A Chaotic Live Event Finale, ‘Fortnite’ is Down Ahead of Season 3’s Start Time.

    'Fortnite' is Down Ahead of Season 3's

    Another live Fortnite event is in the books, this time towards the end of Chapter 3, Season 2, when players were assigned to a massive mecha-bear combat mech to defend the Island for the tenth or eleventh time. So far, we’ve only failed twice!

    This event has taken the game offline, with Season 2 coming to an end ahead of Season 3’s premiere on Sunday, June 5. The event ended with a “to be continued” screen with a mushroom, perhaps hinting to the theme of the following season, whatever that may be. It reminds me of Avatar and Pandora, and I wouldn’t rule out Fortnite doing something similar. However, that film will not be released until December. And there was one very apparent clue that another famous pop culture icon will be appearing next season.

    First, the occasion:

    The game began with players inside the helmet unit of the mecha-bear, which had earlier defeated the monster on the old terrain. We took out from the Seven’s moon base and landed on the island, where we faced up against a swarm of tanks and blimps firing missiles at us. What follows is a type of on-rails small co-op mission that, like many of Fortnite’s recent events, I’m pretty sure you couldn’t fail successfully if you tried.

    However, blazing up tanks with your minigun on the map was quite fun. The bear is hurt halfway through and swallows a whole truck of SLURP juice, which was rather amusing. Then your minigun gains infinite fire capability, you blow up even more stuff, and you make it to the middle.

    The earth explodes, and Jonesy leads your crew through a brief skirmish alongside the Foundation before you can toss your sword into IO’s Doomsday device. The Zero Point reveals many multiverses, including one that depicts a fight between what seems to be Obi-Wan and what is unmistakably Darth Vader, with Vader seeming to be part of the battle pass for the upcoming season. The tier 100 skin is my estimate, and we’ll see if any more Star Wars skins follow. Obi-Wan is already playing.

    Your squad prevents the crystal from reaching the top, while Geno is pursued by Foundation and Jonesy. Except for the huge gadget, nothing on the island was destroyed. And, I suppose, all those tanks we detonated. And then there’s the gunk near the tanks. Anyway, I expect new zones, but we don’t know if any specific sites were destroyed this time.

    When will Fortnite be available again? Definitely early the next day. My prediction is about 8 a.m., but the fix will be released sooner, and data miners will go crazy with it, as they always do. However, you will have a night free from Fortnite for the time being. Play something else instead.