Android’s Game Dashboard Quietly Expands To More Devices

    Android's Game Dashboard Quietly Expands To More Devices

    You may be familiar with Android’s Game Dashboard if you enjoy playing games on your phone and you own a Pixel 6. The function, which was previously restricted to the Pixel 6 series, is now covertly showing up on other devices.

    Game Dashboard, a new feature for mobile gamers, was unveiled with Android 12 earlier this year. You may rapidly snap screenshots with the feature’s user interface, monitor your frames per second (fps), record games, and even broadcast directly to YouTube. It is located in the screen’s upper right corner, next to a controller symbol.

    The capability was related to SystemUIGoogle, exclusive to Pixel phones, and only enabled on the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, said Mishaal Rahman, Sr. Technical Editor of Esper. Rahman asserted that it looked like Google was attempting to integrate it with Google Play Services.

    Google had finished the job of integrating the dashboard into Google Play Services by the time Android 13 was released. As a consequence, the capability was eventually included in the Pixel 6a in Android 13. The functionality seems to be making its way to earlier Pixel smartphones now that Android 13 is more readily accessible.

    Rahman claims that Game Dashboard has begun to appear on Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 owners’ handsets. Simply navigate to Settings, scroll down, and choose Google to discover if the function is available on your phone. You may enable Game Dashboard if you have the feature by selecting it from the list below.

    There is still hope if you use a non-Pixel smartphone. The fact that Game Dashboard is essentially an Android 13 feature means that Google could ultimately make it available on other devices.