Apple TV Could Finally Come to Android Smartphones


    The year 2022 may be set to make its debut, but tech rumours are still swirling. The most recent fearmongering focuses on Apple TV and its impending release on the Android operating system.

    A straightforward tweet from a well-known leaker, ShrimpApplePro—the same account that announced yesterday’s Pixel Tablet reveal—suggests Apple would “soon” launch an official Android app for its Apple TV+ content offerings. For Android users who are tired of Spotify and YouTube Music, Apple Music is reportedly also getting an update. Beyond these announcements of arrival, there are no other specifics.

    Currently, Apple TV+ content cannot be seen on an Android smartphone. You can only do this in the Google ecosystem using TVs, streaming boxes, and dongles that support Android TV or Google TV. The Apple TV website does not even identify Android smartphones and tablets as compatible gadgets.

    Even so, it’s not absurd to believe that Apple would increase the range of its products in this area. After all, it’s an additional source of income, and many analysts and supporters of Android have discussed the benefits of Apple branching out from its walled garden in their writings. According to Bloomberg, the corporation has previously been hesitant to take this action because of concern that it will reduce iPhone sales. However, it’s surprising if it wouldn’t give them more motivation to think about moving platforms.

    I’m hoping that this integration will happen as soon as possible. I recently made the decision to give Apple TV+ a try after realising that it was the only way for me to add some holiday classics to my library this season without having to search the internet. I must admit that I started to care more about viewing Apple’s TV series and movies when CODA won an Oscar.

    On the Android operating system, Apple Music has also achieved some interesting results. It presently has a cool 4.0 rating on the Play Store, which is a respectable grade. Reviews indicate that many prefer this design to Spotify’s, albeit they do wish there were more playlists to choose from. The Apple app with the highest rating on Android right now is Apple Music.