BenQ Unveils The DVY32 Smart 4K Ultra-HD Conference Camera, Certified By Zoom

    BenQ Unveils The DVY32 Smart 4K Ultra-HD Conference Camera, Certified By Zoom

    The DVY32 smart 4K ultra-HD video camera is the newest camera in the DVY series from BenQ, a producer of visual display solutions located in Costa Mesa, California. All video conferencing systems are compatible with the DVY32 smart 4K ultra-HD video camera, which has the following features: Zoom certification, a Sony 4K image sensor combined with BenQ’s colour performance technology, a 120-degree field of vision with 5x digital zoom, AI-powered auto framing, two omnidirectional microphones, and H.265 video compression for streaming with less bandwidth are all features of this camera.

    According to Bob Wudeck, senior director of business development at BenQ America Corp., “a quick Google search of the 4K Ultra-HD video conference cameras available on the market reveals solutions that are either extremely expensive for organisations needing cameras in multiple meeting rooms or lack professional-grade features that define a good meeting experience.” The greatest video and audio are provided by the DVY32 for less than $500, enabling organisations to outfit several rooms without going over budget or sacrificing quality.

    BenQ claims that DVY32 guarantees the following:

    Calls Present Their Finest

    The DVY32 is the perfect video conference camera for meetings as well as online demos and product launches since it generates vibrant 4K ultra-HD video with a 120-degree field of view that enables people on the other end to see everyone clearly and in rich detail. Due to BenQ’s low light capabilities, objects shine out in the shadows. Users may utilise digital pan, tilt, and zoom to maintain the audience’s attention on what’s crucial while AI-powered auto framing modifies the shot to keep everyone in view. In order to broadcast accurate videos, the smart camera automatically corrects distortion. Additionally, it makes use of the most recent compression standard, H.265, which uses less bandwidth and guarantees uninterrupted streaming even under unfavourable network circumstances.

    Calls Speak Clearest

    The firm claims that the DVY32 meets this criterion and that face-to-face meetings produce the highest audio quality. Two omnidirectional microphones on the DVY32 can take up sound from a distance of 26 feet away while reducing annoying background noise. Background noise is muted by the noise-cancelling microphones, preventing information loss.

    Awe-Inspiring Meetings on Any Platform with Any Display

    The DVY32 complies with Zoom requirements for the best videoconferencing, but it also works with all other video conferencing programmes, including TeamViewer Meeting. It is perfect for any computer or smart display thanks to its versatile mounting choices. Simply attach it, connect to it, and begin making calls. It may be be mounted on a wall or placed on a table for more versatili