Discord Voice Chat Is Now Available On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

    Discord Voice Chat Is Now Available On Xbox One And Xbox Series XS

    Voice conversations on Discord are now accessible on all Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles, after an Insider beta test that began in July. Users of Discord on Xbox, PC, and mobile devices are now able to join the same voice channels thanks to the integration. To get started, you will first need to link the accounts for your Xbox and Discord platforms together. If you have previously done that so that your Discord contacts can see your Gamertag, you will need to do it again since the integration requires new voice permissions in order to function properly. If you have already done that, your Discord contacts will be able to view your Gamertag. And after that comes the difficult section.

    The way that Discord for Xbox One works is by bringing both you and your audio conversation from the platform to the console. As a result of this limitation, you won’t be able to join a call straight from an Xbox. Instead, you will need to begin your talks on a desktop computer or mobile device, and then transfer the call via the Discord and Xbox applications respectively. After you have linked your accounts, a new “Join on Xbox” button will appear in Discord. Clicking this button will allow you to begin the process of joining the Xbox community. If you tap the button, the Xbox app will open on your phone and ask you which console you would want to use to continue the conversation that you were having.

    Although it is not the most user-friendly implementation, it has the potential to become more so with time. In response to the integration, Discord issued the following statement: “We look forward to maintaining our relationship in order to provide even deeper, more meaningful experiences for your friends and communities.” The feeling was mirrored by Microsoft, which stated that it shared the enthusiasm and was enthusiastic “to offer more Discord experiences on Xbox in the future.”