Facebook And Messenger Take A Hint From Discord For New Community Chats

    Facebook And Messenger Take A Hint From Discord For New Community Chats

    Facebook is making a tool that enables group administrators to make curated live Messenger chat groups more widely available. To communicate with group members beyond merely feed postings and comments, there is a feature called Community Conversations that enables you to explore chats arranged by announcements, themes, events, and more.

    The new Community Chats are similar to a more laid-back version of business community platforms like Slack, Teams, and Zoom’s impending Team Chat. They were first shown off earlier this year as “Community chat channels” in a bigger Discord-inspired redesign of Facebook Groups and Messenger group chats. Although development on competing with TikTok with comparable features in Instagram Reels has been sluggish, finding inspiration in other applications is nothing new for Meta.

    With the ability to handle voice channels with up to 30 group members and switch on cameras, the conversations may go beyond simple text-based communication. Participants can present or broadcast what they’re doing. In “the next weeks,” testing will start for a feature that would enable you to Community Chat within Messenger and then create a Facebook group, giving your informal group chat a more organised home base. Currently, not all Groups have access to Chats, but parent firm Meta claims that number will increase shortly.

    The capacity to receive immediate replies on pressing community concerns is the key advantage for people who manage sizable Facebook Groups. Imagine Pokémon Go Facebook Groups (are you still in one?) for an entire big city, but administrators could set up Messenger groups for various boroughs so people can keep informed about the upcoming gym raids near them. Discord has always been great at this type of planning.

    In order to manage the community, group admins will have access to a variety of tools, such as auto-moderation technologies that can ban users for posting anything that violates the group’s rules. Admins have the additional power to manually ban, mute, suspend, and remove members as well as their communications. Users may anticipate that their privacy settings will stay the same in the new Community Chats, and Facebook will employ machine learning to automatically delete offensive remarks at a “wider breadth” than it does in personal Messenger chats.