Five Benefits Bluetooth LE Audio Would Have For The Upcoming AirPods Pro Model

    Five Benefits Bluetooth LE Audio Would Have For The Upcoming AirPods Pro Model

    A new LE Audio standard was supported by Bluetooth 5.2, which was released in 2020. The creation of LE Audio is said to have involved at least two Apple workers, and it is expected that Apple would incorporate the specification in upcoming products.

    An unidentified component with Bluetooth 5.3 capability was recently evaluated by Apple, according to a recently released filing in the Bluetooth SIG database. The submission does not include any other noteworthy information, but when combined with a filing made in a similar manner last month, it implies that Apple is getting ready for future products to support LE Audio-enabled Bluetooth versions.

    The second generation of AirPods Pro, which is expected to be on sale later this year, would benefit greatly from LE Audio. Assuming that source devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac are likewise updated with compatibility for the standard in the future, we’ve listed five advantages that LE Audio would offer for future AirPods Pro below.

    Better Audio Quality

    According to the Bluetooth SIG, LE Audio has a new low-power audio codec called LC3 that, even at a 50% lower data rate than the traditional SBC codec, offers better audio quality.

    Extended Battery Life

    Future AirPods Pro would feature greater playback battery life with the low-power LC3 audio codec.

    Mulit-Stream Audio

    A source device, such as an iPhone or Mac, and the AirPods Pro would be able to transmit multiple synchronised audio streams thanks to LE Audio. In order to increase reliability, this would enable a left and right AirPod to independently connect via Bluetooth to a device that supports LE Audio.

    Several AirPods Can Be Simultaneously Connected To An IPhone

    A future iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device could play audio through multiple pairs of AirPods simultaneously thanks to LE Audio. Apple already has a function that enables an iPhone or iPad user with AirPods to share audio with another user of AirPods, but the function is limited to two pairs of AirPods.

    No Switching Between An IPhone And A Mac Is Necessary

    It would be unnecessary to switch the AirPods between devices if LE Audio enabled simultaneous connections to multiple source devices, such as an iPhone and a Mac.

    The Bluetooth SIG stated in July that it expects product availability for LE Audio support to ramp up by the end of 2022.