Galaxy Watch 5 And Watch 5 Pro Get Second Software Update

    Galaxy Watch 5 And Watch 5 Pro Get Second Software Update

    Only a few weeks have passed since the launch of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Samsung is already releasing the second software update for the smartwatches. The wearables’ performance is enhanced while bug fixes are included in this upgrade. Please be aware that this update is also available for the Galaxy Watch 5 series’ cellular devices.

    First in line to receive the update are the Verizon versions of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy 5 Pro. Software version R9x5USQU1AVH6, the most recent upgrade, is now available. Last week, the update was already applied to the Bluetooth models. Provides performance enhancements for your device, according to the official changelog, which makes no particular mention of anything.

    Bug fixes and performance enhancements are included in the Galaxy Watch 5 series upgrade.

    As a result, you may anticipate that some of the small issues on the watches will be resolved with the upgrade. The Galaxy Wearable app on your phone may be used to update your Galaxy Watch 5 series gadget. You may then check to see if there is updated software on the device by going to Watch Settings » Watch Software Update and selecting Download and Install.

    Updates for the Galaxy Watch 5 series will still be released by Samsung. A temperature sensor is present in the devices, although it is not yet operational. In order to enable the capability, the corporation might deploy an update. It’s crucial to note that Apple’s most recent smartwatches include a temperature sensor as well, suggesting that Samsung may include the functionality sooner rather than later.