WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature That Lets Users Hide Online Status

    WhatsApp Is Testing A New Feature That Lets Users Hide Online Status

    Users will soon be able to conceal their online status from others thanks to a new feature that WhatsApp is presently testing. Here is how to activate it.

    The ability to search for messages by date and check the status from the chat list are two of the new features that WhatsApp engineers have been testing and implementing. According to recent reports, WhatsApp is developing a new function enabling users to hide their online status from other users.

    According to a report by WABetaInfo, the functionality is now only accessible to a small number of users who have upgraded to WhatsApp beta for Android 2.22,20.9 and have joined up for the Google Play Beta Program.

    Users must go to WhatsApp settings, navigate to the “Privacy” section under “Account,” and choose the “Last seen and online” option in order to access the new function. Under the last seen and online categories, there are two choices.

    The “Everyone” option lets everyone see if you are online or not and is relatively self-explanatory. In the second, your online status is changed to “same as last seen,” so that only people who have access to your last seen may determine if you are online. No one will be able to tell if you are online if you have set your “last seen” to “none.”

    The new functionality is now being introduced to a small group of beta testers by the developers. WhatsApp Beta version is compatible with the upgrade, however, version is also supported.

    It may take some time before the upgrade is made accessible in WhatsApp’s standard version because it is unclear when it will be distributed to additional beta testers.