How To Take A Screenshot On A Galaxy Watch

    How To Take A Screenshot On A Galaxy Watch

    There’s a strong probability someone will wish to snap a screenshot of a gadget if it has a screen. On a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can also snap screenshots, and it’s not as difficult as you may assume.

    There are two different Samsung Galaxy Watch models: the more recent Wear OS versions and the more traditional Tizen OS ones. Both have distinct methods for getting screenshots, but we’ll go through them both.

    Take a Galaxy Watch screenshot (Wear OS)

    Wear OS software is used by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, Galaxy Watch 5, and other recent watches. To quickly determine this, check to see if the watch has access to the Google Play Store.

    For these watches, simultaneously push the Home and Back buttons. The snapshot will briefly appear on the screen and the screen will briefly flash.

    Your linked phone will display a notice, which you may pick to open the screenshot in your preferred gallery app.

    I’m done now! You don’t need to do anything for screenshots to be delivered automatically to your phone.

    Take a Galaxy Watch screenshot (Tizen OS)

    Tizen OS is the operating system that powers the Galaxy Watch 3 and prior Samsung smartwatches; you can identify Tizen OS-powered watches by looking for the Galaxy Store rather than the Google Play Store.

    First, swipe across the screen from left to right while holding down the Home key (bottom button). When the screenshot has been captured, the screen will flash.

    You must open the image in the “Gallery” app on your watch, choose the “More Options” option, and then pick “Send to Phone” to send the screenshot to your phone.

    Your phone will get the screenshot, which may then be seen in the gallery app of your choice. You must do this every time because it does not happen automatically.

    All there is to it is that! Although it is available on all Galaxy Watch models, the experience is significantly simpler on the more recent devices running Wear OS. Thank goodness, the selection is less extensive than on Samsung Galaxy phones.