How To Unsend And Edit Text Messages On Your iPhone

    How To Unsend And Edit Text Messages On Your iPhone

    Even though everyone makes errors, they may last a lifetime, especially online. This is true for each text message you send using your iPhone, which is bad if you use a ridiculous grammar mistake or send the appropriate message to the incorrect recipient. Until recently, there hasn’t been a mechanism for iOS users to undo or alter an inadvertent text message sent.

    You’ll be able to rapidly alter any message you’ve sent once iOS 16 launches this autumn. You may recall any message.

    At its WWDC presentation in June, Apple unveiled these new iPhone messaging features. Apple Pay Later and new personalization choices for the lock screen are two other new features coming to the iPhone. Additionally, Messages will now include SharePlay.

    These two new messaging functions will be described in detail. And here’s how to download and install the second iOS 16 beta on your iPhone and iPad if you want to test iOS 16 before of its official release.

    Edit previous messages that you’ve sent.

    You’ve probably altered one or more of the messages you’ve sent if you use chat apps like Slack. The editing option is a good method to rapidly fix any errors you may have made, whether you made a typo or your message contains inaccurate statistics. Additionally, after 15 minutes of sending, you will be able to modify messages received from your iPhone using iOS 16.

    You must open Messages and navigate to any thread that is utilising iMessage, often known as blue text, in order to change a text message. SMS text messages are not compatible with this function (green texts). Now, tap the message you want to alter while holding the button down. The fast action menu and the Tapback responses will then appear. Then choose Edit.

    After that, the text message can be edited. You have the option to edit any errors, add new material, or erase the entire message. To save your modifications, once you’re done, click the blue checkmark button on the right side. A single message can only be edited five times.

    Under your updated text message, a clickable Edited button will show up. The recipient will also be aware that the message has been updated, and if they touch on Edited, all of your prior text message draughts will show up above the edited draught in slightly greyed-out chat bubbles.

    Recall any communications you unintentionally sent right away.

    Too many emails are sent accidentally. Perhaps you meant to choose an emoji but accidentally clicked the send button. Or maybe you sent the wrong individual a message completely. With iOS 16, you’ll be able to access such messages in any situation. You only have two minutes after sending an SMS to cancel it, unlike the edit message feature.

    Launch the Messages app, push and hold down on the message (blue text only), then select Undo Send to cancel sending it.

    The receiver will no longer see the text message in your thread, as well as you. Your message will not have been delivered, but it may have already been viewed by the receiver, according to a message that will show up on your thread.

    Unfortunately, even though your phone will indicate that the message has been resent if the recipient is using an iOS version older than 16, this won’t truly be the case.

    If the receiver has already viewed the text, they will get a grey text status notice that reads, “[Name] unsent a message.” Similar messages are displayed once a text is recalled using the Delete Message option that applications like WhatsApp and Signal already offer.