New Microsoft Bing Chat Brings Voice Search And Chat Experience To Mobile Devices

    New Microsoft Bing Chat Brings Voice Search And Chat Experience To Mobile Devices

    The Bing mobile app and Edge mobile app browser will be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms as part of Microsoft’s new Bing AI search and conversation experience, which was just launched. Users of the new capabilities will be able to search in Bing Chat on their mobile devices using voice input.

    Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi announced that the company is “starting to push out the great capabilities of the new Bing and Edge on your smartphone along with some exciting new features, like voice input.”

    By touching the Bing button at the bottom of the mobile app, users may start chat conversations where they can ask simple or difficult queries, get responses, and get citations. They can also select whether they want their responses to be presented in text, bullet points, or a simpler format.

    Voice search or chat, which is available in the Edge browser and the Bing mobile app, has also been previewed by Microsoft. This function is one of the most frequently requested by the community. The business has said that this is only a brief user preview.

    With a new design and feel, the new Bing mobile app is accessible on both the iOS and Android operating systems. Users can use and test out the new features of the new iOS Bing app by downloading it.

    What most impresses Microsoft about how people use chat-based search is how they interact with it over voice, which is where the true potential of the chat-based search lies. The new capabilities will make it possible for users to do voice searches for information more successfully and effectively, making it a more practical and accessible tool.