Nintendo Switch Game Stealth Released

    Nintendo Switch Game Stealth Released

    A game for the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED has been unexpectedly and eagerly launched. The most noteworthy of these was released today by Sidebar Games, capping a week full of covert releases. Yes, Sports Story is currently available for $14.99 and 799 MB on the Switch.

    Sports Story, a follow-up to 2017’s Golf Story, was initially introduced in December 2019. It was stated to be a Switch-only title at the time, and nothing has changed. You may recall that the game was initially scheduled to launch in the middle of 2020, but that release date was later postponed. The year 2021 has passed. Then 2022 came and went for virtually the entire year. The game wasn’t revealed to us until November 9 when a release window for December was specified. A secret release became increasingly likely as December progressed. Or otherwise, there will be a sudden delay. Thankfully, the former was the case.

    You can learn more about the game from its official description below, and you can see how it appears from its most recent trailer:

    “Sports Story is a unique sports role-playing game. featuring a variety of sports and sporting events rolled into one epic tale. You will encounter a variety of personalities along the route, making both friends and adversaries, “reads the game’s official press release. “Sports Story is an all-out sporting adventure, not just a story about sports.”