The Google Pixel 7 Pro Tops The List Of Best Smartphone 2022

    The Google Pixel 7 Pro Tops The List Of Best Smartphone 2022

    The Pixel 7 Pro is simple to take for granted. If you choose one from a carrier shop, you probably sigh. You’ll be saying to yourself, “Same old, same old.” Although Google’s newest flagship phone undoubtedly contains few shocks, you’re actually overlooking the greater picture. Yes, the Pixel 7 Pro is a straightforward improvement over the Pixel 6 Pro, but by continuing where the latter left off, Google was able to create a smartphone that is superior in almost every regard.

    From every perspective, it is possible to see the improvements at work this year. The camera bar gracefully integrates into the frame and wraps across the entire handset, bringing the hardware closer than ever to Samsung’s level. The shiny glass back is so 2018; while we’d want to see Google give up some poor habits, the overall design is superior to anything the company has ever provided.

    The Tensor G2 chip that drives this phone, meanwhile, enables even more AI trickery than before. While the increase in performance is merely minimal, applications like Photo Unblur and Recorder have a significant impact on how we use smartphones. It has never been simpler to record a lecture or an interview, even when there are numerous speakers who might accidentally cause the automatic transcriptions to fail. Furthermore, Photo Unblur really saved pictures from a decade ago that I believed would always be fuzzy messes. It is only available on Google’s most recent smartphones and is one of the most astounding tools I’ve ever used.

    And that doesn’t even mention the cameras on these specific gadgets. The Pixel series has always been the greatest way to record your surroundings, and that is still true today. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra outperforms Google in terms of overall versatility, nothing beats the Pixel 7 Pro’s ability to take stunning pictures at any time. The photographs this machine produces are unmatched, whether you’re using the primary lens, the enhanced ultra-wide, or the adaptable 5x telephoto sensor.

    Google has also resolved its dependability difficulties. This year, fewer bugs have surfaced than we did with the Pixel 6 Pro. In addition to the unusual issue being quickly resolved by Google, security patches and feature drops have arrived on schedule and as anticipated. It’s encouraging after the corporation made a mistake in 2021.

    Simply said, the experience on the Pixel 7 Pro was the most sophisticated available on a smartphone in 2022. We were most pleased with Google’s efforts in a year full of devices that only made minor physical improvements, which is why it received our Phone of the Year award. It will be interesting to see if the business can repeat the feat with the Pixel 8 or, possibly, the Pixel Fold, next year. But right now, it’s difficult to surpass Google’s selection of Android phones if you want the greatest one.