NVIDIA Reveals Networking Infrastructure Platform for High-Performance Data Centers

    Nvidia Reveals Networking Infrastructure Platform for High-Performance Data Centers

    Spectrum-4 Switch, BlueField-3 DPU, and ConnectX-7 SmartNIC Power 400G Hyperscale Networking Platform’s 4x Acceleration

    There is a new version of the NVIDIA Ethernet platform, NVIDIA SpectrumTM 4, available from NVIDIA, which provides the high networking performance and comprehensive security required for large-scale data center infrastructures.

    As the first 400Gbps end-to-end networking platform in the world, NVIDIA Spectrum-4 has a switching capacity of 51.2 terabits per second, four times as much as prior versions. In order to boost cloud-native applications at scale, it includes the NVIDIA Spectrum-4 switch family, the NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 SmartNIC, the NVIDIA BlueField®-3 DPU, and the DOCATM data center infrastructure software.

    Data centers are expanding quickly, and need ever-higher levels of speed, security, and capability to support massively parallel virtualization and simulation. This technology’s strict specifications need the use of a platform like the Spectrum-4 Ethernet.

    Nanosecond timing precision is an increase of five to six orders of magnitude above millisecond-based data centers, which are typically used in most data centers. By using 40% less power and 2x more bandwidth per port than the previous generation, they also make the network fabric quicker, easier to manage, and more secure.

    In the NVIDIA OmniverseTM platform for 3D design collaboration and simulation, accurate space and time may be simulated using the Spectrum platform, which joins 32 OVX servers to form the OVX SuperPOD.

    According to NVIDIA’s Vice President of Networking, Kevin Deierling, the new era of massive-scale cloud technologies like Omniverse necessitates a change in data center design. For the sake of society, the Spectrum-4 platform’s extraordinary performance and comprehensive security will enable data centers to power breakthrough discoveries that push the limits of what’s possible.

    Invention and Performance of the NVIDIA Spectrum-4 Switch

    Since it is built on a 4N technology and has over 100 billion transistors, the NVIDIA Spectrum-4 ASIC and SN5000 switch family offers industry-leading power efficiency and total cost of ownership. In combination with adaptive routing and other congestion management algorithms, Spectrum-4 significantly improves RDMA over Converged Ethernet fabrics, resulting in a huge increase in data center performance.

    Secure boot through hardware root of trust and support for MACsec and VXLANsec are just a few of the advanced security features included into the Spectrum-4 ASIC to keep network traffic safe and secure.

    BlueField-3 DPUs and ConnectX-7 SmartNICs also include these security capabilities in Spectrum-4, making it the quickest, most secure end-to-end Ethernet networking architecture available.

    Artificial Intelligence, digital twins and cloud infrastructure may all benefit from the Spectrum platform, which includes Spectrum switches and BlueField and ConnectX devices.

    Increasing Spectrum Support Ecosystem

    In order to develop state-of-the-art data centers, Spectrum’s speed, security and functionality are appropriate. This platform is being embraced by more and more partners.

    For the first time, BlueField DPUs can be used to offload and accelerate Red Hat OpenShift, which has an end-to-end cloud-native architecture capable of executing sophisticated containerized applications.

    For Project Monterey, VMware and NVIDIA collaborate to improve data centermanagement and security. BlueField is an important part of this effort.

    VMware’s Project Monterey Early Access is now available on NVIDIA LaunchPad for select organizations. For rapid testing and prototyping of whole processes on the same comprehensive stack, LaunchPad provides IT administrators with data-driven apps.

    DPU integration with Palo Alto Networks virtual next-generation firewalls and Intelligent Traffic Offload service provides best in class security innovation that results in up to a 5x performance gain to virtual firewalls for both business and service provider networks.

    For prominent clients and software providers, Spectrum accelerates the state-of-the-art data center networking architecture. These include Baidu, Canonical, Criteo, DDN, F5, Kuaishou, Nutanix OVHcloud and Pure Storage, Pluribus Networks Red Hat StackPath, VAST Data, VMware, WEKA and others.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Lenovo, and Supermicro are just a few of the prominent server manufacturers who use Spectrum switches.

    There are a number of companies offering NVIDIA BlueField DPUs, such as ASUS, Atos and Dell Technologies; GIGABYTE and H3C; IBM; Inspur and Lenovo; Nettrix and Pluribus Networks; Quanta/QCT and Supermicro.

    Spectrum-4 switch and BlueField-3 DPU will be released later this year. Access ConnectX-7 right now.