At WWDC 2022, Apple will unveil iOS 16 for iPhones.


    At WWDC 2022, Apple’s annual developer conference, iOS 16, the next major version of iPhone software, had its premiere. The program comes with a slew of additional intelligence functions, as well as upgrades and customization options. Apple has included a new customizable lock screen with Apple Watch-like widgets, as well as options for editing and retrieving outgoing texts. iOS 16 is expected to be launched in September, along with the much-anticipated iPhone 14.

    Apple’s iOS 16 unveiling took place on the grounds of Apple Park, the company’s Cupertino headquarters. After the release of iOS 15.5 with upgrades to Apple Cash, Photos Memories, and the Podcasts app, the iOS 16 preview arrives. Apple has just released a developer’s beta for iOS 15.6 that, at the moment, lacks any big changes and appears to be mostly focused on bug fixes.

    iOS 16 also arrives only weeks before the 15th anniversary of the release of the first iPhones. A developer’s beta version of iOS 16 is expected to be published soon, with a public beta version following later this summer.

    You may now edit and unsend messages on iOS 16

    “Embarrassing errors are a thing of the past,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s SVP of software engineering. The ability to modify delivered messages is one of the most useful iOS 16 features demonstrated.

    Another notable improvement is the ability to remember messages that you didn’t want to send.

    Your iPhone now has a new lock screen that you may customize.

    Your lock screen has received a substantial upgrade. To modify your lock screen, press and hold. The color and style of lock screen items may be changed using an editor. The typefaces for the time and date can be changed. You may also add lock screen widgets like a calendar, temperature, and activity rings.

    You may also create numerous lock screens with various widgets in iOS 16. There’s also a photo shuffle option to automatically alter the photographs on your lock screen.

    Notifications and current events

    Notifications have been relegated to the bottom of the display. You may watch sporting events or follow an Uber journey update in real time with live activities.