Nvidia’s RTX 4090 Can Run ‘Genshin Impact’ At 13K Resolution

    The NVIDIA RTX 4090 Can Run 'Genshin Impact' At 13K Resolution

    The RTX 4090 from Nvidia is a powerful GPU and one of the greatest graphics cards available; it can easily achieve triple-digit frame rates at 4K. Genshin Impact is being played at 13K resolution thanks to YouTuber Golden Reviewer, who has taken things a step further. Amazingly, the game was able to maintain a workable frame rate of 30 fps at this absurdly high resolution.

    Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game with over 60 million active monthly players, in case you are unfamiliar with it. The game is also accessible on PC, PlayStation 5 and PS4, despite the fact that most smartphones struggle to run it. You may have heard of it as a mobile game (in addition to Android and iOS).

    Despite its popularity in the mobile market, the game isn’t too demanding on PC because it must run on mobile devices. A GTX 1060 GPU is advised, with an Nvidia GT 1030 serving as the minimum need.

    The game is surprisingly playable with the RTX 4090 at this difficult resolution, with an average frame rate of 30 fps. It’s not a fully locked 30, but given the resolution, it’s still outstanding. Since there are currently no 13K monitors on the market, this image has been upscaled to 13K for reference.

    Aliasing is essentially eliminated at 13K, and all edges appear extremely realistic. Pixelation is not seen in any of the photographs from the game session that have been zoomed in.

    One of the major benefits of running upscaled resolutions, especially at absurdly high resolutions like 13K, is that. Without the use of anti-aliasing techniques, image detail is clear, sharp, and free of any jagged edges that you could encounter at native or sub-native resolutions. In fact, at 13K, you could likely totally turn off AA and not even see any jagged edges.

    But it is clear that this game wasn’t created to function at resolutions even close to 13K. There is a lot of blur because the texture resolutions aren’t even close to 13K. Additionally, the overall lighting presentation falls short of what you may see in a current AAA game made for a PC. But given that the game was created to be optimised for mobile devices, this is to be anticipated.

    Even still, it’s incredible to see a game run at 13K at all, which is a credit to the incredible power of Nvidia’s RTX 4090.

    Many games feature built-in upscales for you to play with if you have an RTX 4090 and want to experiment with upscaling yourself. You don’t have to go all the way to 13K to get very crisp graphics; often, any resolution greater than twice your native resolution is sufficient. However, you can experiment with Nvidia’s DSR function in the Nvidia Control Panel to lower the performance impact of upscaling. This option uses AI-enhanced upscaling to lessen the performance impact of running a game at a resolution higher than its native resolution.