The Epic Games Store Now Has Death Stranding Available For Free

    The Epic Games Store Now Has Death Stranding Available For Free

    The site has reopened after Epic’s servers suffered the kind of damage last seen when it gave free Grand Theft Auto 5. The Christmas giveaway for Death Stranding (opens in a new tab) is no longer for the director’s cut; instead, it is for the standard edition.

    Every day in December, for a few weeks, Epic offers a brand-new free game on the Epic Game Store (opens in a new tab). Some amazing purchases from this year have already been made, such as the vintage Fallout games and the Christmas Eve present of Metro: Last Light Redux. But Christmas Day is really delivering: On December 25, Epic released Death Stranding: Director’s Cut without charge.

    Here at PC Gamer, we love playing board games. We chose Death Stranding as our 2020 Game of the Year (opens in new tab) and were grateful for all the extra features the Director’s Cut gave this already outstanding title. Even while the main game is now somehow a full three years old, it was only launched on PC this year, making this a very recent giveaway for Epic.

    We discussed how the pandemic affected our experience with Death Stranding earlier this year (opens in new tab). Now that we know a sequel is in the works, we can hope that it will feature even more outrageously named characters (opens in new tab).

    Although the Death Stranding Director’s Cut offer seems to be straining the Epic Games Store, it is still accessible as of this writing. Give it some time to load, then try again if you’re having difficulties. Death Stranding will remain on sale for another day before returning to its regular $40 pricing. If you already purchase the main game on Steam, you can upgrade to the Director’s Cut for for $6 as part of the current Steam deal (opens in new tab).