The OG App Promises You An Ad-Free Instagram Feed

    The OG App Promises You An Ad-Free Instagram Feed

    Kim Kardashian and other users are dissatisfied with Instagram’s present state of chaos. The business is attempting to squeeze too many features into the app, including Reels, Remixes, an algorithmic feed, and NFTs. Ansh Nanda and Hardik Patil developed an app called The OG App that offers users an ad-free and suggestion-free Instagram feed as a result of their frustration.

    The OG App, which is available for iOS and Android, is not attempting to establish a brand-new social network. Instead, it just realigns the Instagram feed to the preferences of individuals. After logging in, users immediately see their home feed on Instagram. However, the programme deletes suggested content and adverts from users’ home feeds.

    Users can also make other feeds and share them with friends. Consider these Twitter lists for Instagram. Without following every account, you might make distinct feeds for things like food, drinks, tennis, movie celebrities, and photographers. An initial default feed can be selected by users. Users can do this by choosing to prioritise another list above their own home feed. This is helpful when the user’s interest-based feed has more interesting items than the standard feed.

    A 24-hour delay may be set in the app’s option to prevent the feed from retrieving new material. To prevent users from checking Instagram often, this setting functions as a digital well-being feature. In addition to stored posts, they may still check already-fetched posts in all feeds.

    In order to create social applications that offer a cleaner experience, Nanda and Patil founded Un1feed, the firm that is releasing the original app, in June of last year. Because they believe Instagram has the most complicated, ad-filled feed, they chose it as their top selection. The two met while employed by the grocery delivery service KiranaKart, which has since changed its name to Zepto and secured $200 million at a $900 million value in May.

    With this startup, Nanda and Patil stated they wished to give customers more control over their feeds.

    Nanda claimed that after speaking with hundreds of users, the business discovered that Instagram users were dissatisfied with the social network’s standard user interface. The business has come under fire for prioritising algorithmically suggested material above postings from friends and relatives. The social network had to undo improvements to the algorithmic feed that it had made in July.

    With participation from Tribe Capital, Great Oaks VC, Global Asset Capital, Pareto20, and Cory Levy, Un1feed has acquired $1 million in pre-seed investment from Neo, which is being managed by Ali Partovi. At this time, the business is not exploring for ways to monetize beyond charging consumers. Nanda and Patil are two of the startup’s eight employees who are working on the app.

    Developers plan to roll out features like private custom feeds with pals and the ability to download content for offline reading in the coming weeks. Additionally, users will soon be able to filter any feed using the terms “recent,” “hot,” and “top in week/month/all.” The developers of the app are also considering long-term capabilities like creating collaborative feeds and sharing collections as feeds.

    Even if social media firms have made an effort to give users greater control over their feeds, users still frequently turn to third-party applications in order to get the finest social network experience. For example, there are Twitter clients like Talon and Tweetbot, and Reddit clients like Apollo, Joey, and Boost. Users of Instagram are seeking a customisable experience similar to that offered by The OG App.

    These clients are all dependent on the APIs that the main social network offers. By limiting its API, Twitter has a history of crippling third-party applications. The OG App’s creators, however, claimed that for the time being, they aren’t concerned about any modifications to the Instagram API and are instead focusing on creating a top-notch product for the consumers.