The Premium Features Of Telegram Have Been Leaked!

    The Premium Features Of Telegram Have Been Leaked!

    For the first time, Telegram Premium, Telegram’s premium membership, has been leaked! Telegram, popular messaging software that has lately grown in popularity, stated months ago that it was working on a premium membership. For the first time, this subscription, which is available in closed beta for iOS devices and whose future is undetermined, was leaked. Many added features, unique privileges for Telegram Premium users, and more stickers/emojis are available in the new premium edition. In this post, we’ll go over all of the benefits of Telegram Premium membership, so let’s get started!

    What’s New and Unique About Telegram Premium?

    In 2021, Telegram achieved significant progress. Due to changes in WhatsApp’s privacy policies, users were urged to utilize Telegram instead. Telegram set a new record last year when it reached 500 million users. This year, it was decided to create Telegram Premium, a new premium membership service.

    Telegram Premium, which is now in closed beta for iOS users, has struggled to gain traction. However, all subscriber credentials are revealed in the hacked content we have. Many unique features are available, including enhanced channel and account capacity, higher upload limit, and limitless upload/download speed. There are also some new features, and all Telegram Premium capabilities are listed here.

    Limits have been doubled.

    Telegram Premium has increased one of the most essential features that were previously only available to free users. Premium subscribers can join up to 1000 channels. In addition, the number of folders generated for groups and channels has been raised to 20. A free Telegram user can pin a maximum of five channels/chats, however, Premium members have a limit of ten.

    Bandwidth and upload size have been increased.

    Telegram users are well aware that free users may only upload files up to 2GB in size. Telegram does not allow files greater than 2GB to be uploaded. For Premium users, however, this restriction has been doubled. Premium customers can upload files up to 4GB in size. Furthermore, the upload/download speed limit for Premium customers has been eliminated. Enjoy limitless upload and download speeds as a Premium member.

    Conversion from voice to text and an ad-free experience

    Voice-to-Text Conversion is another of Telegram Premium’s most essential features. You won’t have to listen to audio messages if you use this option. Audio messages are transcribed by AI, allowing you to continue communicating without having to listen to the voice message. Also, Telegram’s sponsored adverts may be irritating you lately. Telegram’s work on adverts was already a forerunner to Premium. As a result, Premium customers will be able to enjoy an ad-free experience. Telegram Premium is appealing since it is free of advertisements.

    Unique Badges and Reactions, as well as Special Stickers and other goodies

    Other features are designed to make Premium subscribers feel more special. Your responses to messages will be indicated with unique animations if you are a Premium subscriber. In addition, a distinctive emblem will appear next to your profile name, indicating that you are Premium in every group. You’ll also be able to utilize unique stickers, which will be updated every month with sticker packs created especially for you.

    Premium users will have access to additional tools as part of their membership. You will be able to alter the default folder, auto-hide new conversations, and auto-archive according to your preferences for sophisticated chat management.

    When Can Telegram Premium Users Expect to See It?

    Telegram Premium has been under production for a few months and, based on these leaks, appears to be ready to launch. However, until Telegram developers make an official statement, we don’t know when Telegram Premium will be accessible. However, we believe it will be accessible shortly; keep tuned for updates and more. If you still want to feel special without paying for Premium, consider one of the many bespoke Telegram clients listed in this post.