Alexa is not just a female name. Facebook is still just the most ‘popular’ social network. Being able to book cabs using mobile applications was still a thought. Data privacy and social status was the near future. Yes, this is how the year 2010 looks when we see down the technology lane. For a lot of people, 10 years or a decade might seem a very long time, but for the tech industry especially it seems to be a lifetime.

Let us have a flashback!

Nobody even thought about self-driving cars 10 years ago, iPad or big screen devices were only a tease, one wouldn’t find dedicated social media apps for photographs which Instagram fills today, nor would anyone think of multiple cameras on a single smartphone.

Even special laptops like Chromebook or the operating system wasn’t introduced in the tech world. It was much later in this decade when these systems and software were brought into the light to give Microsoft windows a tough competition.

Microsoft was using all its resources to innovate and bring about a change in the industry. The hand-free and gestures advancements in console controls brought the dynamic nature in the Xbox lineup.

Currently, under its new CEO, Satya Nadella brought windows which were adopted by everyone in the market.

No more one-man show:

For a very long time, all the tech industries and all its sectors were dominated by tech giants. It is no more the same way.

Online social media spaces like MySpace were about to collapse when facebook already had an ample share of the entire market.

A very similar situation was faced in the smartphone market by Samsung and Nokia was now almost impossible to spot. There was a time when these were the main suppliers to the consumer market but today companies pant ideas and the salesperson does it all. When Apple and Samsung took over the smartphone industry and they did bring innumerable changes to make this device as beautiful as it is today.


Every year at the beginning, CES or the consumer electronics show which has a fair share of innovations. Be it phones, televisions, a few automobiles too. Whatever they have we try to bring the best products that make an actual difference to show up.

With time the development has become slower. It can not be as rapid as it has always been but the developments that we see today are much more significant So the technology has measured all its parameters. The google lens is excellent. It tried to give scope to the wearable market which is having an excellent time.

One of the greatest innovations that we saw in this decade in the tech community were virtual reality devices. As soon as it was introduced in the market, the manufacturers could seethe urge in customers and got both premium and affordable VR sets. The very hyped and expensive oculus rift that was introduced by Facebook drew a lot of attention. We still see them as entertainment, educational and gaming devices. Maybe there is more to virtual reality.

Tablets stuck around:

It was the visionary genius and co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs who introduced big screen devices. While most of us went on to remember them as tablets because of all the other companies, apple kept making better and dominating iPads. Apple has sold more than 400 million iPads. It is selling a large proportion of tablets being sold around the world. There is very little growth or advantages of cheaper tablets. Therefore apple has an added advantage to remain the lone warrior in the market.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said that the iPad outnumbered many notebook laptops from tech giants. With a keyboard that is now attachable with iPads, it works like a convertible laptop too.

Innovations are smarter:

tech of last decade

All these hardware improvements that we threw light on are working the way we want them to with a satisfactory rate is because of the internet speed. We have come up till 5G (almost) from 3G which was fast enough. There is no mobile carrier that isn’t providing 4G to almost all their customers. Internet facility provided by WiFi has just made human tech consumption way more efficient. It answered almost all the challenges that we can think of while providing internet to users.

For the good and bad we have seen that rivalry among manufacturers has only helped its customers. The best part is that this innovation and creativity reflects in anything and everything that you would find in the market.

Soon the entire tech community will be equipped enough to showcase some actual Ironman stuff. By this, we mean that our assistants that now even have dedicated hardware shall soon take commands that we never thought that the world.