Nvidia is most well-known for its graphics cards. However, the company has sold set-top boxes powered by Android TV since 2015 under the name ‘Shield’. Nvidia has updated the hardware several times (and made an independent stick model), but all Shield TV devices still receive software updates. The company has now made Android TV 11 available to all Shield TV models, including the original 2015.

Nvidia stated that it would not be updating the Android TV 10 firmware for Shield device models in August 2020 due to the small number of changes. However, in October, reports surfaced with an Android TV 11 update in beta-test. Last month, Nvidia published recovery images briefly for the upgrade. This update has been officially renamed “Shield Experience 9.0.0”.

Nvidia claims that the update includes all Android TV 11’s features, including an updated Gboard keyboard and the same one-time permissions as on tablets and phones. It also supports the aptX codec for wireless headphones. The initial Android TV 11 update by Google included:

  • Support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (over Bluetooth or USB).
  • Steam Controller(over USB).
  • Additional media codecs.

Nvidia Shield owners who have not yet updated Android TV 10 can still look forward to a few changes. Android TV 10 now supports TLS 1.3, a Thermal API to manage temperatures, peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connections, and new features.

It is amazing that Nvidia still supports every Shield TV device as far back as 2015 as the original model. Few Android devices still receive updates even after three years. Nvidia’s Shield line was the only way to get an Android TV set-top box that offers a clean experience. However, more recent devices such as the Chromecast with Google TV or Xiaomi TV Stick have opened up more options.