Pine64 is the team behind many Linux-powered hardware such as single-board computers, notebooks, and smartphones. Last year it gave us PinePhone, which ran Linux and was an alternative to iOS and Android. Now it is launching Pinephone Pro. Pine64 unveiled the PinePhone Pro as the successor to the OG PinePhone. The Pro model was first shipped to developers in October. However, it is not suitable for all users due to its limited app compatibility. The PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition is now available for pre-order. It costs $399 plus shipping and taxes and is suitable for all users.


However, the Pro Explorer Edition is now available for pre-order. As stated on its website, it had planned to begin pre-orders earlier in the month but could not due to minor factory problems. It wanted to ensure that everything was running smoothly before opening the floodgates. Due to this hiccup, orders placed before January 17th will ship their devices. Orders placed after January 17th will be shipped after the Chinese new year. When you place your order, only one unit is allowed per person. Pine64 requests that don’t spam F5 keys refresh the page when the Pine Store becomes unresponsive or slow.


PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition is a hackable smartphone that supports many Linux distributions. It retains the same design philosophy as its other devices. The design is similar to the original PinePhone used with existing accessories. Its internal upgrades include a faster SoC, greater RAM, increased storage, and camera enhancements.


The Pro Edition allows users to install any OS supported, including Manjaro (the default), Arch Linux, Mobian, and postmarketOS, without unlocking the bootloader. It is powered by a Rockchip RK3399S 64bit SoC at 1.5GHz and a four-core ARM Mali T860 GPU at 500MHz. This is complemented by 4GB LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB eMMC flash storage. You can get a new Linux smartphone by heading to the Pine Store today.