The GTA game series has been inconceivable over the years. Just this july, Rockstar introduces a new GTA Online Casino update, which saw the game enjoy a huge rise in active players.

Is GTA 6 release date finally arriving?

Rockstar has been updating its major games once in every five years. Which means we should have experience GTA 6 last year. However, Red Redemption 2 was released, which was an incredibly realistic game that shined in the market. Finally, the first update since 2013 GTA 5 was rumored and well discussed this year by officials and gamers alike. After many delays, the date is pinned on 2020 November.

GTA 6 release date??

After the gigantic success of GTA 5, the company has taken over 6 years already and fans are irresistible to get hands-on the sequel. The rumors have already attracted more than expected crowd. Most of which are from anonymous sources and a few from known Reddit sources. The most appealing ones, however, were 3.

The first one is that the development of GTA6 was started in 2012, the second one was game setting which we are very certain about. This version of GTA is designed on liberty city, vice city and the classic era of Rio de Janeiro mixed with narcos. You can read more on this here IS GTA 6 CLASSIC BRAZIL LOOK INSPIRED FROM NETFLIX’S NARCOS? .The final and the most important news of all is the launch date of GTA 6 which is estimated to be November 2020.

The updates from the previous version to GTA 6 are massive. Not only in terms of plots, characters, and ideology but also in reference to gameplay, graphics and gaming technology. Therefore it is understandable for a magnificent game that takes a lot of designing to enclose to take years for development.

gta 6 rlaunch date

The entire news about the launch of GTA 6 in the coming year has ambiguity. In fact, since the Red Redemption 2 people said that GTA 6 is far away from being released or even rumored. But a lot of rumors were even confirmed by Rockstar themselves. The location and design were agreed upon and a weird but competitive marketing strategy was explained.

Turns out release date is not the only thing to be worried about. Even if you are among the most enthusiastic gamers you will have to buy next-generation gaming consoles to actually power the games for a significant time.

GTA 6 will be released only for Sony PS 5 and XBOX’s next project. While the Play Station 5 is set to be launched in coming months, XBOX is still in its development stage.

All things aside, sooner or later, the release date of GTA 6 is getting all the attention that it deserves. The updates are being confirmed periodically and Rockstar is officially responding on Reddit. One thing that still remains uncertain is the release date. Things have built-up the news and grew stronger with related news. The development date and the very recent decision of Sony Play Station 5 being launched is surely a positive indication for GTA fans. We hope that 2020 is the year when GTA 6 goes on sale in the most anticipated fashion in the gaming market.