In this post, we will try to compile the best video editing software for windows, the best software to edit videos for free and ensure you that these are the best video editing software available for windows, linux & mac. You will have a sorted idea of the pros and cons of all the software on this list so that you can choose the best option for you.
We shall try to list the best editing software for desktop, for mobiles, for Instagram and social media.

Video editing software contributes greatly to e-commerce businesses in terms of both content and promotions. You can create explainer videos for your service or product. Internet entrepreneurs have discovered that an enormous amount of content on the internet needs to be upgraded to a more visual format to seek user attention. Videos convey the same amount of information in just one minute that would usually take 5-7 minutes of reading. Let it be your online store, social media promotions, product testimonial, etc. It is always better to have a video for all of it that could be shared by all means to reach the ones in need of it.

One doesn’t have to spend a fortune on video content creation. There are tons of software on the internet that can provide you with all the tools that are required for professional-level media generation. If you know the right place they can also be found for free.


Desktop software is more powerful than the usual smartphone or social media software used for editing video. These can be used to edit videos for YouTube or even create YouTube videos. A lot of long-term YouTubers have a certain set of software that they use to produce content. If you want to match the content quality of these creators then continue till the end.

Let us go through the free video editing software that ranges from basic to advanced.


blender video editor
Available on: Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Blender is clearly among the most popular video editing software on the internet. It was originally developed for 3D animations but has all that you need in a video editor. Blender is an open-source video editor and the best of its type.

It includes all the features that will teach you the basics and add advance editing accents that give you the freedom to explore your skills. There are a lot of options included to help you with tough tasks like cutting, splicing, and masking. The UI of this software is heavy but very sorted which helps you to change, pick and edit quickly.


• Interactive 3D applications, motion graphics, toolsets.
• Raster graphics editing, fluid, and smoke simulation, soft body, animating, video editing.
• The current version is 2.80 released as a fresh update in 2019.
• Can work on multiple operating systems.


What We Like

  • Perfect for any level of editing and graphics addition. Packed with features and powerful tools to have independence in work. It can be used at a very keen precision.

What We Didn't

  • Can be a little complex to handle with certain tools. Because of its inclination towards advanced editing, most of its tutorials are based on 3D animations. It falls short for learning resources and has to figure out most of the software by yourself.

KEY FEATURE: High-end projects that might include 3D animation and polished editing can be done with this in the best format.


video editing software for windows

Available on: Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Lightworks is another powerful editor which can be used for any level of video editing. While it supports multiple operating systems it ensures that the usability is simple even after having innumerable editing options. It is filled with useful features that can be used to edit or create graphical frames content in a much efficient way.

The current update of version 14.5 lightworks has introduced a complete package to make outstanding media content. To make it’s quality obvious, this software was used to make movies like the wolf of Wallstreet, pulp fiction and other amazingly classic movies. With over 25 years of service in the sector, it has done a great job.


• Clean and sorted user interface.
• Easy to cut and add audio or video in the file. The precision to pick is on point.
• Can create all audio & video FX.
• Can create content at UHD, FHD, 4K and interpret with Vimeo or youtube too.
• Real-time motion creation and VFX additions to improve the timeline of the content.

The free version includes basic requirements like video moving environment, high precision editing, a wide range of video formats and audio files supported.

What WE Like

  • A strong editor with every feature required. It has all the basic features even in the free version so that beginners can use it with no constraints. When compared, it wins against any rival software.

What We Didn't

  • 4K video support is only for the paid version of lightworks. This makes it difficult to work with certain youtube content that you might want to work on. It can be a little heavy for average laptops or systems. Video editing requires good GPU, otherwise, it can heat your laptop which isn’t a big issue but makes it inconvenient to work daily.

KEY FEATURE: It is an all-round desktop editor and can handle works at any standard.


shotcut software

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Shortcut, like liquidizer, could be an open program. This suggests when downloading it, you get access to any or all the options without any payment requirements.
This video editor supports decent variations of video formats and boasts a good assortment of educational videos. This code was originally designed for UNIX system and it undoubtedly shows. But, underneath the hood, it’s still a top quality video editor.

Two of the primary options square measure, 4K HD resolution support, and its timeline written material. Not several free versions of the code embrace 4K resolution support. Shotcut additionally doesn’t need you to import your video into the editor. This could be a time saver if you’re addressing massive video files.


• Advanced tools for cutting content with precision.
• Keying for green screen effects which can be used for cinematic graphics generation.
• Audio and video filters are equipped with multiple enhancements.
• Compositing tools.
• Layers and masking especially for marketing video content.
• 3D video support.

What We Like

  • A lot of technically improved versions and quick updates are available. It has high-quality editing features that will support your work in every aspect of graphical feasibility.

What We Didn't

  • The most observable con of this software is its very own design. It has some quirks which are not technical but it makes usability a bit difficult than what it is supposed to be.

KEY FEATURE: The standout feature of this software would be its high-resolution production which outshines most of its rivals.


hitfilm express


Available on: MAC & Windows.

HitFilm categorically is one amongst a lot of skilled video editors to make on this list. It contains all the options you’d expect from a basic editor (splicing, trimming, and audio editing) and more. Whereas some users might realize HitFilm a touch advanced, it’s one amongst the simplest all-spherical free video editors out there. The free package includes over one hundred eighty computer graphics.

The tutorials square measure primarily supported acknowledged Hollywood movies like Star Wars, however these square measure interactive and fascinating.

Before you’ll be able to transfer this software package, Hitfilm asks you to share a standing update on social media. However, this is often a tiny value to get hold of such advanced software package. Finally, Hitfilm includes a store wherever you’ll be able to purchase add-ons, however, this is often on the far side the scope of most users because the free feature set ought to be over enough.

What We Like

  • The best part of this software is that its free version has most of the features included. If you are not editing at a professional or cinematic level then you can simply work with the free version of this software.

What We Didn't

  • The user interface of the software might not be the most familiar one. It does have a few weirdly placed icons that could have been set in a more ordered way.

KEY FEATURE: It is very efficient to work on youtube projects with this. It has inbuilt navigation to and fro youtube to make editing, creating and uploading much easier.


free video editing software for windows

Available on: Windows, MAC, and Linux

The interface is pretty basic however offers everything you wish from the standard of a video piece of writing an app. You’ll be able to switch between the straightforward and advanced views betting on what quantity data you wish to envision on screen by all means. On high of this, you’ll be able to customize the interface to fit your desires.

For instance not solely are you able to size every section with relevancy the others (increase the dimensions of the preview pane and therefore the project and timeline sections shrink to accommodate). You will be able to move panes around to alternative components of the interface and people that area unit already there, size themselves mechanically to create space for it. You will be able to flip completely different panels into floating windows.

OpenShot can need to dock that floating window back to the most one at that location. It has pretty much everything that a video editor would require to do professional editing at a decent pace.


• You can add innumerable layers and tracks to your video content.
• Clip resizing, trimming, scaling, snapping, rotation, and cutting Video transitions with spot reviews for corrections.
• Watermarks, composite editing, and image enhancements.
• Marketing content creation using title edit options, logo inclusions, and 3D editing.

What We Like

  • It is an open-source software which means that you get a lot of features unlocked and wouldn’t require you to spend money on too many features. It wouldn’t restrict your editing content as the number of layers that can be added are unlimited.

What We Didn't

  • It is not easy to learn. The software is really good and is all packed with features but the tutorials available to learn this as a source are very few.

KEY FEATURE: It is really good for budding editors. Wouldn’t require a lot of power or GPU intensity.


video pad editing software

Available on: MAC and Windows

This free video editor makes it a cinch to export your creations to YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Drive associate degreed an assortment of mobile devices through a straightforward pull-down menu. You have got to sign up to those services first. You should save your video to your disc drive with social media specs then transfer to the social network yourself.

Compared to HitFilm’s high-energy interface, VideoPad encompasses a straightforward, soothing look that makes it a lot of approachable for people who just started with editing. It works with each mac and PCs and still permits you to edit 360-degree video with equivalent ease as you’d ancient movies, although adding text to 360-degree clips is a touch tough. VideoPad additionally lacks a number of the advanced options you will find with HitFilm, like multi-cam written material, high-end lighting tricks and motion following, however, you’ll be able to purchase a variety of add-ons to expand VideoPad’s feature set.

Our biggest issue with VideoPad wasn’t knowing that options were disabled within the free version versus the trial and paid versions. We tend to figure out VideoPad to be a touch slower on our transcoding tests than Hitfilm, too. This will not matter for those searching for associate degree app that they will use to quickly and simply edit video then transfer to the social media outlet of their alternative.


• Intuitive and easy to learn because of its simple yet useful design and features.
• Supports 360-degree camera editing which is not something you will find in many good free editors.
• Extensive YouTube, social media and mobile-output formats and specs
• Works on Macs and PCs

What We Like

  • Most of the features are found for free which makes it very encouraging to use for beginners. Good ecosystem as a software, it will help you to gather and upload content from various sources on social media, youtube, and the internet.

What We Didn't

  • It is not very advanced like the top guns on this list. It is rather a very good, useful software that can work at decent level content generation. It has slideshow creator missing but we hope it comes up with a software update.

KEY FEATURE: Ease to upload and grab content from multiple sources is one thing that makes VideoPad unique.


video editing software for windows

Available on: Windows

Video VSDC editor measure is created from ’objects’ that embrace video clips,
images, audio files, sprites, animations and plenty of different components. You will be able to layer these in a diverse way which will help you with mixing, overlaying, and masking. If you are fascinated by picture-in-picture or watermarking effects, this is often associate implausibly easy thanks to the couple.

You can additionally add charts and text that makes VSDC a superb tool for making shows with way more impact than a customary slideshow.

Each object you add may be altered, enraptured and cut severally – nothing is final till you export your finished project. The audio and video effects square measure well price exploring. They embrace varied Instagram-style filters, yet as tricks like fireplace, smoke, and water – all of that square measure customizable.

The premium version of VSDC Video Editor is even quicker because of integrated hardware acceleration, however, this is not accessible within the no-cost program and you will not be able to export your project if it’s enabled. To disable hardware acceleration within this version, choose the cog icon within the prime right, click ‘Acceleration options’ and uncheck the box marked ‘Use hardware acceleration for coding video’.


• Flexibility in editing with any kind of file format.
• Can work with multiple monitors on the same project.
• The created content can be changed into a completely different format after it is finished. This can be done within the software while exporting.
• Can shift all your projects in a DVD, which is not a very common added feature.
• Can edit and work with 360-degree videos too.

What We Like

  • The software is much efficiently designed. It takes almost no time to learn it. Even after being equipped with so many options and features, the icons are very well placed and encourages longer using time.

What We Didn't

  • The technicality of VSDC is quite worrying at times. Not that it breaks down frequently but the fact that it doesn’t have free customer support might hold back a few people. Also, it is only available on windows.

KEY FEATURE: 360 editing and almost all the features are present in the free version.

DaVinci Resolve:

free video editing software

Designed at first for industrial filmmakers, the free version of Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve retains several powerful tools.

With the addition of Fusion, complete visual effects and motion-graphics application, DaVinci Resolve fifteen includes four high-end video-production modules for a piece of writing, color correction, audio production, and video effects and motion graphics. If you’ll get through the training curve for this program’s more-advanced functions, this video-editing app can reward you.

We already reviewed DaVinci Resolve fourteen, therefore this update covers solely new options intercalary since then. Whereas we tend to review the free
version, a Studio version for $300 offers the program’s complete toolset.
Despite its powerful options, Resolve’s basic interface is simple to know, that includes a classic timeline complete with media pool, effects, and sound libraries, audio mixer, inspector, and also the potential for unlimited audio and video tracks. Resolve runs on MAC OS, Windows ten and Linux handily bundles workspaces for media, editing, color correction, audio effects Associate in nursing visual effects into the most program – encompassing videos.

Nodes square measure pre-configured sets of directions that you simply will attach to your clips for color correction, tricks, text effects, 3D effects, film effects, generators, masks and a lot of. every node contains a distinct perform, therefore as you layer completely different impacts into your composition it is simple to ascertain however every effect mixes with the others and simple to swap out effects you do not like.

If your ambitions go no more than doing a little casual video piece of writing to share with family and friends on Facebook or youtube.
If you are curious about a career as a video editor, Avid Media musician | initial may well be a stronger alternative. Avid’s learning curve is even vessel than DaVinci’s, the overwhelming majority of Hollywood blockbusters use Avid.


• It has 15 new ADR tools for professional editing.
• Highly-recommended for professional and high-end video editing because of the precision and handling abilities.
• Has separate echo and delay plug-ins for audio editing.
• Gives you many ways to listen to edited audio in real-time.
• Altogether it has 12 new audio effects that can fit in any usability area.
• Seamless precision and handling for 3D editing in all aspects.

What We Like

  • Even after being the most advanced software on the list, it isn’t something you will find hard to learn. Pros are innumerable with DaVinci Resolve but its ability to suit any level of the user is its USP. It is probably the best choice on the list if you are looking for an editor in the long run.

What We Didn't

  • It requires a sophisticated and higher level of the computer. Using it on an average pc might not allow you to explore it to its potential.

KEY FEATURE: Equipped with the latest and most high-end options.


free video editing software for windows

Available on: Windows.

Looking to show video clips into conspicuous movies? Windows film producer is the tool for the work. Video editors UN agency use the app and review that the software can have a variety of options at their disposal to return with polished videos like timeline narration, transition overlays, animations, and audio choices. Its options area unit easy and fun to experiment with, and its XML code lets users modify existing transitions and effects or build fresh ones.
Basic track piece of writing may also be finished with Windows film producer, like adding fade in and dissolve effects to audio tracks. It comes for free of charge on Windows PCs, in conjunction with basic options and advancement components additionally gift in video piece of writing systems created for professionals. Its intuitive interface contains a less complicated version of a video editor timeline and is simple enough for even starter editors to understand.

Their area unit is equipped with a variety of themes that users will decide to reinforce their film, yet as tools like sepia toning choices, fade effects, and up to date themes. With simply one click, users will apply Windows flick Maker’s assortment of effects.

Several transitions area unit found underneath the animation tab, and there are easy controls for adding music, animated intro titles, rotating clips, weakening in and out audio tracks, and captions and finish credits.


• Title customization tool and other flexible options.
• Automated options that make your work in basic editing very efficient.
• Extensive audio selection options to import different audio files and merge with the content.
• Timeline narration for tutorial video types.
• Transition overlays for content enhancement.

What We Like

  • It has an amazing free version that gives you complete grip over the editing. It isn’t the most advanced software but does a lot of things right. It has a much cleaner design and can work well for a decent standard project.

What We Didn't

  • It is only for windows which reduce the market for it. Apart from this quite a few 3D editing and high-resolution content editing is missed.

KEY FEATURE: Customization options present in it makes content specification much easier.


free video editing software for mac

Available on: MAC.

Apple’s iMovie has been around for a decent amount of time, and it’s continually targeted on one philosophy: easy use during a clean and chic interface. It’s still a delight to use, maybe a bit obtuse now and then in its pursuit of minimal art. It lacks a number of the formats and options supported in different programs.

iMovie doesn’t supply the tutorials or wizards that other programs for beginners do—though there’s a neat preview generation tool. Rather, it keeps the interface as basic as doable whereas guiding you with straightforward tooltips as you mouse over specific buttons and options. Total beginners would possibly find yourself scratching their heads a bit quiet they’d in apps with a lot of specific tutorials, though.

The options are mildly restricted. There are no 360 videos, neither is there multi-cam writing. iMovie doubles down on creating an awfully little choice of tools like transitions, backgrounds, titles, voiceover, and basic trimming and writing as easy as doable. It’s quality over amount here—which is in stark distinction to several different free applications.

iMovie is liberal to all-new supporting OS homeowners, and it’s an excellent place to begin if you wish to be told to edit videos, as a result of its basic workflow is analogous thereto of a lot of refined programs.


• The basic interface is very likable to beginners and average users.
• It has an in-built neat trailer generator which is very helpful for short promo videos.
• Gives specific buttons to perform frequently used tasks.
• Even the paid versions have different plans which are quite feasible.
• Transitions and voiceovers can be tackled easily.


What We Like

  • A very clean software to work on. Title additions and effects are of great quality. Robust with apple products because of MAC OS.

What We Didn't

  • It certainly falls short of advanced features. It is only for MAC users which is not a very big concern but yes it a point to consider. The user interface isn’t the most user-friendly one.

KEY FEATURE: It is well optimized and works amazingly for MAC users.

These were the best & free software for video editing on windows , mac or linux desktop. We have tried to mention the most advanced software, the best free editors, the most powerful editors, professional tools, the best for beginners on desktop and also the ones that can be used for cinematic experiences. Let us know your queries in the comments down below.