GTA 5 was released 6 years ago and ruled the gaming sales since then. It became one of the most popular games on PC and consoles. The franchise since then had been working on another gaming project name Red Dead Redemption 2 whose design and gaming was appreciated by gamers around the world. After long anticipation, it seems like GTA will give its fans what they want, GTA 6.

In a Reddit post by JackOLantern1982, he spoke about a lengthy overview of the game which seemed interesting and promising. It explained how GTA 6 will be an extended generation setting in the vice city universe. The post proved its relevance by connecting the works of the company with its successful project Red Dead Redemption 2. Despite this, it has been hinted that GTA 6 is not far away.

The game set-up and storyline are very promising. It is designed in 1970 and 1980 Rio de Janeiro which is accompanied by inclusions of vice city’s fictional map. The story will revolve around one main character instead of the three character story that GTA 5 had. This makes the game even more exciting because of the liberty that the gameplay provides. A sad yet important thing to note is that the game will be released only on the forthcoming consoles and probably other gamers might have to adapt to this or wait pretty long.

Let us try to review the changes and updates in maps, gameplay, storyline that GTA 6 has to offer.

  • The codename shall be PROJECT AMERICAS
  • The game setup is inherited from classic Rio de Janeiro era and vice city’s liberty map.
  • The addition of vice city map doesn’t make it open gameplay. Only parts of it will be on this map.
  • Unlike Red Redemption 2, GTA 6 will be both arcade and realistic. While the Red Redemption 2 is very realistic it misses a few features of GTA gameplay.
  • Only one main character.
  • Exhibiting the vision of 1970 and 1980.
  • The multiple city storyline kicks off you, a cocaine smuggler in a South American location. Along with the story, the character grows drug lord “Ricardo”. A character named ’Kacey’ will act as an important part of the storyline.
  • A part of the game is based on a giant prison which is very promising.
  • One of the narrations is expected to resemble Red Redemption2 or the Tarantino flick.
  • The graphics that express weather of the game are highly focused.
  • The entire economic phase and architecture that has changed over the mentioned era are designed beautifully.
  • The base of GTA 6 is influenced by Netflix’s Narcos.
  • Even the audio is supposed to add an essence of 1970-1980.
  • A significant part is dedicated to the Madrazo family. There is a mission that will focus Madrazo at a very different angle.
  • The character can hold weapons only. No resemblance to Red Redemption 2 there.
  • The automobile mechanism and functionality is similar to Red Redemption 2. It will store things link body armor in the trunk along with a few other additions that empower your character.
  • Reading sub-title will be important in certain parts of the story. The chapters narrated in South America will have very less English. On the other hand, Vice city will seem similar to how it was original.
  • A fictional touch of Fidel Castro will be experienced. To make the storyline more appealing topics like HIV and immigration crisis will be brought into play.
  • As discussed, the game will be released only for forthcoming gaming consoles. ( PS 5 and XBOX project Scarlett)
  • After a delay due to Red Redemption 2, GTA 6 is the primary focus of the company.
  • Because the game is in the middle phase of development, it might have a few changes from the above-mentioned expectations.
  • We still don’t have a confirmation on the exact date of release.

The data that we have procured from the Reddit source that was mentioned and other internet spots are extraordinary. It is not easy to find this amount of information about a game that is yet to be released. In fact, the claim that it will be compatible with next-generation gaming consoles only seems very weird because of how long the game has taken to develop.